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doodle  (ˈduːdəl (informal)



  1. to scribble or draw aimlessly
  2. to play or improvise idly
  3. (intransitive) often foll by away (US) to dawdle or waste time


  1. a shape, picture, etc, drawn aimlessly

Derived Forms

ˈdoodler  noun

Word Origin

C20: perhaps from C17 doodle a foolish person, but influenced in meaning by dawdle; compare Low German dudeltopf simpleton

Translations for 'doodle'

  • British English: doodle A doodle is a pattern or picture that you draw when you are bored or thinking about something else. NOUNHe was staring into space, with a scrawl of doodles on the pad in front of him.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: rabisco
  • Chinese: 信手涂鸦之物信手涂塗鸦鴉之物
  • European Spanish: garabato
  • French: gribouillage
  • German: Kritzelei
  • Italian: scarabocchio
  • Japanese: いたずら書き
  • Korean: 낙서
  • Portuguese: rabisco
  • Spanish: garabato
  • British English: doodle When someone doodles, they draw doodles. VERBHe looked across at him, doodling on his notebook.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: rabiscar
  • Chinese: 信手涂鸦信手涂<TRAD>塗</TRAD>鸦<TRAD>鴉</TRAD>塗鸦鴉之物
  • European Spanish: garabatear
  • French: gribouiller
  • German: kritzeln
  • Italian: scarabocchiare
  • Japanese: 落書きをする
  • Korean: 낙서하다
  • Portuguese: rabiscar
  • Spanish: garabatear

Example Sentences Including 'doodle'

He picked up a pencil and began to doodle on it as he waited for me to answer.
Jane Asher LOSING IT (2002)
I turned back to the doodle that would never become an elephant.
Taylor, Andy Toy Shop
I doodle in exactly the same way as this, although I sometimes add spirals drawn inside rectangles.
Scarlett Thomas POPCO (2004)


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