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doolally (duːˈlælɪ Pronunciation for doolally



  1. (slang) out of one's mind; crazy In full: doolally tap

Word Origin

C19: originally military slang, from Deolali, a town near Mumbai, the location of a military sanatorium + Hindustani tap fever

Example Sentences Including 'doolally'

Has snooker's people's champion person Jimmy White gone doolally ?
Megastar (2005)
It probably won't surprise you to be told that, at certain times during the lunar calendar, women go a bit doolally.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
Poor kid --- two parents going completely doolally simultaneously --- I almost feel sorry for her.
Jane Asher LOSING IT (2002)
Probably because none of the year's other holidays has the same built-in doolally factor.
Belfast Telegraph (2003)
`Last Monday, my sister and me girlfriend were really worried because I'd gone doolally.
Alexander Masters STUART: A Life Backwards (2005)


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