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dozen (ˈdʌzən Pronunciation for dozen



  1. preceded by a or a numeral
    1. twelve or a group of twelve   ⇒ a dozen eggs, two dozen oranges
    2. (as pronoun; functioning as sing or plural)   ⇒ give me a dozen, there are at least a dozen who haven't arrived yet


Word forms:   plural dozens, dozen
  1. See by the dozen

  2. See baker's dozen
  3. See talk nineteen to the dozen

Derived Forms

ˈdozenth adjective

Word Origin

C13: from Old French douzaine, from douze twelve, from Latin duodecim, from duo two + decem ten

Translations for 'dozen'

  • British English: dozenPronunciation for dozen A dozen means twelve.Will you buy some bread and a dozen eggs please?ˈdʌzn NUMBER
  • Arabic: دَسْتَةPronunciation for دَسْتَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: dúziaPronunciation for dúzia
  • Chinese: 一打Pronunciation for 一打
  • Croatian: tucetPronunciation for tucet
  • Czech: tucetPronunciation for tucet
  • Danish: dusinPronunciation for dusin
  • Dutch: dozijnPronunciation for dozijn
  • European Spanish: docenaPronunciation for docena
  • Finnish: tusinaPronunciation for tusina
  • French: douzainePronunciation for douzaine
  • German: DutzendPronunciation for Dutzend
  • Greek: ντουζίναPronunciation for ντουζίνα
  • Italian: dozzinaPronunciation for dozzina
  • Japanese: 12個Pronunciation for 12個
  • Korean: 다스Pronunciation for 다스
  • Norwegian: dusinPronunciation for dusin
  • Polish: tuzinPronunciation for tuzin
  • Portuguese: dúziaPronunciation for dúzia
  • Romanian: duzină duzini
  • Russian: дюжинаPronunciation for дюжина
  • Spanish: docenaPronunciation for docena
  • Swedish: dussinPronunciation for dussin
  • Thai: หนึ่งโหลPronunciation for หนึ่งโหล
  • Turkish: düzinePronunciation for düzine
  • Ukrainian: дюжина
  • Vietnamese: Pronunciation for tá

Example Sentences Including 'dozen'

At the flower shop I asked the girl who helped me for a dozen red roses.
Stuart Harrison BETTER THAN THIS (2002)
Light was refracted through the cut glass of two dozen chandeliers.
Mark Burnell CHAMELEON (2002)
The clearing had become a dome of light, a circle watched over by the ferocity of a dozen halogen lamps.
Robert Wilson BLOOD IS DIRT (2002)


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