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duration (djʊˈreɪʃən Pronunciation for duration



  1. the length of time that something lasts or continues

Derived Forms

duˈrational adjective

Word Origin

C14: from Medieval Latin dūrātiō, from Latin dūrāre to last


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= length, time, period, term, stretch, extent, spell, span, time frame, timeline

Translations for 'duration'

  • British English: durationPronunciation for duration The duration of an event or state is the time that it lasts.Courses are of two years' duration.djʊˈreɪʃən NOUN
  • Arabic: مُدَّةPronunciation for مُدَّة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: duraçãoPronunciation for duração
  • Chinese: 持续Pronunciation for 持续
  • Croatian: trajanjePronunciation for trajanje
  • Czech: trváníPronunciation for trvání
  • Danish: varighedPronunciation for varighed
  • Dutch: duurPronunciation for duur
  • European Spanish: duraciónPronunciation for duración
  • Finnish: kestoPronunciation for kesto
  • French: duréePronunciation for durée
  • German: DauerPronunciation for Dauer
  • Greek: διάρκειαPronunciation for διάρκεια
  • Italian: durataPronunciation for durata
  • Japanese: 持続期間Pronunciation for 持続期間
  • Korean: 기간Pronunciation for 기간
  • Norwegian: varighetPronunciation for varighet
  • Polish: czas trwaniaPronunciation for czas trwania
  • Portuguese: duraçãoPronunciation for duração
  • Romanian: durată durate
  • Russian: длительностьPronunciation for длительность
  • Spanish: duraciónPronunciation for duración
  • Swedish: varaktighetPronunciation for varaktighet
  • Thai: ช่วงเวลาPronunciation for ช่วงเวลา
  • Turkish: sürePronunciation for süre
  • Ukrainian: тривалість
  • Vietnamese: khoảng thời gianPronunciation for khoảng thời gian

Example Sentences Including 'duration'

The manufacturers have agreed to amalgamate their brand names for the duration in the interest of the Allied war effort.
Penelope Fitzgerald HUMAN VOICES (2003)
This was a competition not only of accuracy but of duration.
James Birrell THE MANANA MAN (2002)
Mam had volunteered him for the Miller Street Home Guard but he only lasted a week or two and then he'd disappeared for the duration.
Laurie Graham MR STARLIGHT (2004)


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