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earring (ˈɪəˌrɪŋ Pronunciation for earring



  1. an ornament for the ear, usually clipped onto the lobe or fastened through a hole pierced in the lobe

Translations for 'earring'

  • British English: earringPronunciation for earring Earrings are pieces of jewellery which you attach to your ears....a pair of diamond earrings.ˈɪəˌrɪŋ NOUN
  • Arabic: قُرْطPronunciation for قُرْط
  • Brazilian Portuguese: brincoPronunciation for brinco
  • Chinese: 耳环Pronunciation for 耳环
  • Croatian: naušnicaPronunciation for naušnica
  • Czech: náušnicePronunciation for náušnice
  • Danish: øreringPronunciation for ørering
  • Dutch: oorbelPronunciation for oorbel
  • European Spanish: pendientePronunciation for pendienteoreja
  • Finnish: korvakoruPronunciation for korvakoru
  • French: boucle d’oreillePronunciation for boucle d’oreille
  • German: OhrringPronunciation for Ohrring
  • Greek: σκουλαρίκιPronunciation for σκουλαρίκι
  • Italian: orecchinoPronunciation for orecchino
  • Japanese: イヤリングPronunciation for イヤリング
  • Korean: 귀고리Pronunciation for 귀고리
  • Norwegian: øreringPronunciation for ørering
  • Polish: kolczykPronunciation for kolczyk
  • Portuguese: brincoPronunciation for brinco
  • Romanian: cercel cercei
  • Russian: серьгаPronunciation for серьга
  • Spanish: aretePronunciation for arete
  • Swedish: örhängePronunciation for örhänge
  • Thai: ตุ้มหูPronunciation for ตุ้มหู
  • Turkish: küpePronunciation for küpe
  • Ukrainian: сережка
  • Vietnamese: hoa taiPronunciation for hoa tai

Example Sentences Including 'earring'

Autumn smiled, but knew Harriet hadn't lost an earring.
Lawson, Jonell Roses are for the Rich
For the millions of fans of Harrison Ford, I regret to report he was wearing an earring and a punk haircut.
Boris Johnson LEND ME YOUR EARS (2003)
He is described as having brown short hair, clean shaven, with a hooped earring in his left ear.
Belfast Telegraph (2004)
It was a style popular with her students, as was the single gold earring that decorated Darren's left ear.
Skelton, Alison Scott An Older Woman
The single earring is bold and modern and adds a sense of drama to the look.
Courier, Sunday Mail (2004)
Well, not unless Pat Butcher turns swiftly on her heel and takes a chunk out his face with her chandelier earring.
Megastar (2004)
Well, she did have green hair and a golden earring through her lower lip.
Anita Anderson SUMMER OF SECRETS (2003)
``My grandma made me this earring storage bag with pockets in it,' she says.
The Advertiser, Sunday Mail (2005)


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