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Easter  (ˈiːstə



  1. the most important festival of the Christian Church, commemorating the Resurrection of Christ: falls on the Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox
  2. Also called: Easter Sunday, Easter Day the day on which this festival is celebrated
  3. the period between Good Friday and Easter Monday

Word Origin

Old English ēastre, after a Germanic goddess Eostre; related to Old High German ōstarūn Easter, Old Norse austr to the east, Old Slavonic ustru like summer

Translations for 'Easter'

  • British English: Easter Easter is a Christian festival and holiday, when the resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated.ˈiːstə NOUN
  • Arabic: عِيدُ الفِصْح
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Páscoa
  • Chinese: 复活节
  • Croatian: Uskrs
  • Czech: Velikonoce
  • Danish: påske
  • Dutch: Pasen
  • European Spanish: Semana Santa
  • Finnish: pääsiäinen
  • French: Pâques
  • German: Ostern
  • Greek: Πάσχα
  • Italian: Pasqua
  • Japanese: 復活祭
  • Korean: 부활절
  • Norwegian: påske
  • Polish: Wielkanoc
  • Portuguese: Páscoa
  • Romanian: Paști
  • Russian: Пасха
  • Spanish: Semana Santa
  • Swedish: påsk
  • Thai: วันอีสเตอร์
  • Turkish: Paskalya
  • Ukrainian: Великдень
  • Vietnamese: lễ Phục sinh

Example Sentences Including 'Easter'

The stars shone out of a clear sky on to quiet streets: the undergraduates had left for the Easter vacation.
Brandon, Ruth Left, Right and Centre
The Easter holidays descended amid palms and Stations of the Cross and Easter eggs.
Cassidy, Anne In Real Life
Just before Easter 1953, Frank went to a party at his cousin Michael Houlihan's house and Eleanor Hamilton was there.
O'Connor, Joe Desperadoes


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