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edgy (ˈɛdʒɪ Pronunciation for edgy



-ier, -iest
  1. (usually postpositive) nervous, irritable, tense, or anxious
  2. (of paintings, drawings, etc) excessively defined
  3. innovative, or at the cutting edge, with the concomitant qualities of intensity and excitement

Derived Forms

ˈedgily adverb
ˈedginess noun


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= nervous, wired, anxious, tense, neurotic, irritable, touchy, uptight, on edge, nervy, ill at ease, restive, twitchy, irascible, tetchy, chippy, on tenterhooks, keyed up, antsy, on pins and needles, adrenalized

Translations for 'edgy'

  • British English: edgyPronunciation for edgy If you feel edgy, you are nervous and anxious.Interviews make him edgy, he says.ˈɛdʒɪ ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: قَلِقPronunciation for قَلِق
  • Brazilian Portuguese: nervosoPronunciation for nervoso nervosa
  • Chinese: 紧张的Pronunciation for 紧张的
  • Croatian: razdražljivPronunciation for razdražljiv razdražljiva
  • Czech: podrážděnýPronunciation for podrážděný
  • Danish: kantetPronunciation for kantet
  • Dutch: gespannenPronunciation for gespannen
  • European Spanish: tensoPronunciation for tenso tensairritado
  • Finnish: hermostunutPronunciation for hermostunut
  • French: irritablePronunciation for irritable
  • German: nervösPronunciation for nervös
  • Greek: ευέξαπτοςPronunciation for ευέξαπτος ευέξαπτη
  • Italian: irritabilePronunciation for irritabile
  • Japanese: いらいらしたPronunciation for いらいらした
  • Korean: 초조한Pronunciation for 초조한
  • Norwegian: irritabelPronunciation for irritabel
  • Polish: podenerwowanyPronunciation for podenerwowany podenerwowany
  • Portuguese: nervosoPronunciation for nervoso nervosa
  • Romanian: iritat iritată, iritați, iritate
  • Russian: раздраженныйPronunciation for раздраженный раздраженная
  • Spanish: tensoPronunciation for tenso tensanervioso
  • Swedish: stingsligPronunciation for stingslig stingsligt
  • Thai: กระสับกระส่ายPronunciation for กระสับกระส่าย
  • Turkish: gerginPronunciation for gerginsinirli
  • Ukrainian: роздратований
  • Vietnamese: bồn chồnPronunciation for bồn chồn

Example Sentences Including 'edgy'

I should be planning a move, anything, because Loustau had an edgy excitement to his eyes.
Brierley, David Snowline
She couldn't catch his expression, which made her feel exposed and edgy.
Sometimes Werner slept with Trudi, if she was feeling edgy... ``No!
Ballard, J. G. Rushing to Paradise


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