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elementary school



  1. (British) a former name for primary school
  2. Also called (in the US): grade school, grammar school (US & Canadian) a state school in which instruction is given for the first six to eight years of a child's education

Translations for 'elementary school'

  • British English: elementary schoolPronunciation for elementary school An elementary school is a school where children are taught for the first six or sometimes eight years of their education.He is in his fourth year of elementary school.ˌɛlɪˈmɛntərɪ skuːl NOUN
  • Arabic: مَدْرَسَةٌ اِبْتِدَائِيَّة Pronunciation for مَدْرَسَةٌ اِبْتِدَائِيَّة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: escola primáriaPronunciation for escola primária
  • Chinese: 小学Pronunciation for 小学
  • Croatian: osnovna školaPronunciation for osnovna škola
  • Czech: základní školaPronunciation for základní škola
  • Danish: grundskolePronunciation for grundskole
  • Dutch: basisschoolPronunciation for basisschool
  • European Spanish: escuela primariaPronunciation for escuela primaria
  • Finnish: alakouluPronunciation for alakoulu
  • French: école élémentairePronunciation for école élémentaire
  • German: GrundschulePronunciation for Grundschule
  • Greek: δημοτικό σχολείοPronunciation for δημοτικό σχολείο
  • Italian: scuola elementarePronunciation for scuola elementare
  • Japanese: 小学校Pronunciation for 小学校
  • Korean: 초등학교Pronunciation for 초등학교
  • Norwegian: grunnskolePronunciation for grunnskole
  • Polish: szkoła podstawowaPronunciation for szkoła podstawowa
  • Portuguese: escola primáriaPronunciation for escola primária
  • Romanian: școală elementară școli elementare
  • Russian: начальная школаPronunciation for начальная школа
  • Spanish: escuela primariaPronunciation for escuela primaria
  • Swedish: grundskolaPronunciation for grundskola
  • Thai: โรงเรียนระดับประถมศึกษาPronunciation for โรงเรียนระดับประถมศึกษา
  • Turkish: ilkokulPronunciation for ilkokul
  • Ukrainian: початкова школа
  • Vietnamese: trường tiểu họcPronunciation for trường tiểu học

Example Sentences Including 'elementary school'

It's an elementary school that's been allocated to this area.
Melville, Anne The Hardie Inheritance


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