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Definitions of embedded

embedded  (ɪmˈbɛdɪd) 



  1. fixed firmly and deeply in a surrounding solid mass   ⇒ Membrane lipids are arranged in the form of a bilayer, but the bilayer is interrupted by embedded proteins.,   ⇒ He was in hospital with five bullets embedded in his body.,   ⇒ There is glass embedded in the cut.,   ⇒ The thorn was embedded in the cat's paw.,   ⇒ The rudder was embedded in mud.,   ⇒ The fossils are embedded in hard sandstones.
  2. constituting a permanent and noticeable feature of something   ⇒ a deeply embedded feeling of guilt,   ⇒ This agreement will be embedded in a state treaty to be signed soon.,   ⇒ The cult of youth is embedded in our society.,   ⇒ Racism is deeply embedded in our culture.
  3. (journalism) assigned to accompany an active military unit   ⇒ Many embedded reporters in Iraq and Afghanistan became little more than public relations auxiliaries.,   ⇒ Western journalists are all embedded with the attacking US forces.
  4. (grammar) inserted into a sentence   ⇒ Children soon begin to create remarkably complex sentences, with embedded clauses, tag questions, and sentences combined with conjunctions like 'and' and 'but'.
  5. (computing) (of a piece of software) made an integral part of other software   ⇒ The company markets its technology for embedded applications directly to potential licensees,   ⇒ The smartcard uses an embedded 8-bit microprocessor running at 5 MHz.

embed or imbed (ɪmˈbɛd )



-beds -bedding -bedded
  1. (usually followed by in) to fix or become fixed firmly and deeply in a surrounding solid mass   ⇒ to embed a nail in wood
  2. (transitive) to surround closely   ⇒ hard rock embeds the roots
  3. (transitive) to fix or retain (a thought, idea, etc) in the mind
  4. (often followed by with) to assign a journalist or be assigned as one to accompany an active military unit
  5. (transitive) (grammar) to insert (a subordinate clause) into a sentence


  1. a journalist accompanying an active military unit

Derived Forms

emˈbedment  noun


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= fix, set, plant, root, sink, lodge, insert, implant, drive in, dig in, hammer in, ram in

Example Sentences Including 'embedded'

Unable to wait any longer, he rose and sank into the warmth of her, his body embedded deeply in hers.
Lawson, Jonell Roses are for the Rich
She could see more of the icon's depth now, embedded in the wood.
Clive Barker COLDHEART CANYON (2001)
Posy's fingers were still embedded into the soft leather sleeve of Flynn's jacket.
Christina Jones TICKLED PINK (2002)


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