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Engadine (ˈɛŋɡəˌdiːn Pronunciation for Engadine



  1. the upper part of the valley of the River Inn in Switzerland, in Graubünden canton: tourist and winter sports centre

Example Sentences Including 'Engadine'

As the day wore on, the home-going ships turned north one by one -- Engadine , Blue Rover, Euryalus, Aurora and Dido.
Admiral Sandy Woodward, With Patrick Robinson ONE HUNDRED DAYS (2003)
One of the first hotels in this old Engadine town, it was also one of the first to embrace modernity.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
Paul Hunt Engadine , NSW * If the AOC can't afford a ticker-tape parade for our athletes, the Government should fund it.
The Australian (2004)
The fires hit hardest in North Engadine - in Sydney's south - where residents grabbed pets and photograph albums as they fled.
Courier, Sunday Mail (2002)


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