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engine (ˈɛndʒɪn Pronunciation for engine



  1. any machine designed to convert energy, esp heat energy, into mechanical work   ⇒ a steam engine, a petrol engine
    1. a railway locomotive
    2. (as modifier)   ⇒ the engine cab
  2. (military) any of various pieces of equipment formerly used in warfare, such as a battering ram or gun
  3. (obsolete) any instrument or device   ⇒ engines of torture

Word Origin

C13: from Old French engin, from Latin ingenium nature, talent, ingenious contrivance, from in-2 + -genium, related to gignere to beget, produce

Translations for 'engine'

  • British English: enginePronunciation for engine An engine is a machine that makes things like cars and planes move.ˈɛndʒɪn NOUNmachine
  • Arabic: مُحَرِّكPronunciation for مُحَرِّك
  • Brazilian Portuguese: motorPronunciation for motor
  • Chinese: 发动机Pronunciation for 发动机
  • Croatian: motorPronunciation for motor
  • Czech: motorPronunciation for motor
  • Danish: motorPronunciation for motor
  • Dutch: motorPronunciation for motorin auto
  • European Spanish: motorPronunciation for motormáquina
  • Finnish: moottoriPronunciation for moottori
  • French: moteurPronunciation for moteur
  • German: MaschinePronunciation for Maschine
  • Greek: μηχανήPronunciation for μηχανή
  • Italian: motorePronunciation for motore
  • Japanese: エンジンPronunciation for エンジン
  • Korean: 엔진Pronunciation for 엔진
  • Norwegian: motorPronunciation for motor
  • Polish: silnikPronunciation for silnik
  • Portuguese: motorPronunciation for motor
  • Romanian: motor motoare
  • Russian: двигательPronunciation for двигатель
  • Spanish: motorPronunciation for motor
  • Swedish: motorPronunciation for motor
  • Thai: เครื่องยนต์Pronunciation for เครื่องยนต์
  • Turkish: motorPronunciation for motor
  • Ukrainian: двигун
  • Vietnamese: động cơPronunciation for động cơ
  • British English: engineˈɛndʒɪn An engine is the front part of a train that pulls it along. NOUNtrain
  • Arabic: مُحَرِّك
  • Brazilian Portuguese: motor
  • Chinese: 火车头
  • Croatian: lokomotiva
  • Czech: lokomotiva
  • Danish: lokomotiv
  • Dutch: locomotief
  • European Spanish: locomotora
  • Finnish: veturi
  • French: locomotive
  • German: Lokomotive
  • Greek: μηχανή
  • Italian: motore
  • Japanese: 機関車
  • Korean: 엔진
  • Norwegian: motor
  • Polish: lokomotywa
  • Portuguese: motor
  • Romanian: locomotivă locomotive
  • Russian: локомотив
  • Spanish: motor
  • Swedish: motor
  • Thai: หัวรถจักร
  • Turkish: motor
  • Ukrainian: паровоз
  • Vietnamese: động cơ


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