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envoy1 (ˈɛnvɔɪ Pronunciation for envoy1



  1. Formal name: envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary. a diplomat of the second class, ranking between an ambassador and a minister resident
  2. an accredited messenger, agent, or representative

Derived Forms

ˈenvoyship noun

Word Origin

C17: from French envoyé, literally: sent, from envoyer to send, from Vulgar Latin inviāre (unattested) to send on a journey, from in-2 + via road

envoy2 or envoi (ˈɛnvɔɪ Pronunciation for )



  1. a brief dedicatory or explanatory stanza concluding certain forms of poetry, notably ballades
  2. a postscript in other forms of verse or prose

Word Origin

C14: from Old French envoye, from envoyer to send; see envoy1

Translations for 'envoy'

  • British English: envoy An envoy is someone who is sent as a representative from one government or political group to another. NOUNHe was a presidential envoy on a special mission to Latin America.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: enviado enviada
  • Chinese: 使者
  • European Spanish: enviado enviada
  • French: envoyé envoyée
  • German: Gesandte Gesandter
  • Italian: inviato inviata
  • Japanese: 使節
  • Korean: 외교 사절
  • Portuguese: enviado enviada
  • Spanish: enviado enviada

Example Sentences Including 'envoy'

Alvaro de Soto, UN special envoy , said the two sides had agreed to hold a series of talks in mid-January.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
But his envoy said he wanted to spare the holy city a bloodbath.
Liverpool Daily Post and Echo (2004)
Churchill would also, interestingly, have a house guest that weekend -- President Roosevelt's special envoy , Harry Hopkins.
In the spirit of compromise Rhodry dipped himself a tankard of ale from the open barrel by the hearth and sat down next to the envoy.
Kerr, Katharine A Time of War
Kishan S. Rana, former envoy to Germany, surveys what he calls the instruments of Indian foreign policy.
India Today (2000)
Otho and Mic said nothing, either, merely watched the envoy as if waiting for orders.
Kerr, Katharine A Time of War
Stephen Lewis, the United Nations ' special envoy on HIV-AIDS, has been the world's conscience on the issue.
Globe and Mail (2003)
The US has "stepped in in a forceful way" lately by sending Mr Cheney and peace envoy Gen Anthony Zinni.
Irish Times (2002)
This was the envoy who had been assigned to rendezvous with him.
Jenkins, Geoffrey A Daystar of Fear


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