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ermine (ˈɜːmɪn Pronunciation for ermine



(plural) -mines, -mine
  1. the stoat in northern regions, where it has a white winter coat with a black-tipped tail
  2. the fur of this animal
  3. one of the two principal furs used on heraldic shields, conventionally represented by a white field flecked with black ermine tails Compare vair
  4. the dignity or office of a judge, noble, or king
  5. short for ermine moth

Word Origin

C12: from Old French hermine, from Medieval Latin Armenius ( mūs) Armenian (mouse)

Example Sentences Including 'ermine'

The cloak that draped her from her shoulders to her knees was of white ermine , the tiny black tails swinging tassels.
Robin Hobb THE GOLDEN FOOL: Book Two of the Tawny Man (2002)
Their robes were woven of wool, richly dyed, and trimmed with white fur only: fox, ermine and tufts of ice-bear.
Robin Hobb THE GOLDEN FOOL: Book Two of the Tawny Man (2002)
There were Christs crucified in the ermine robes of emperors and kings.
O'Connor, Joe Desperadoes


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