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execrable (ˈɛksɪkrəbəl Pronunciation for execrable



  1. deserving to be execrated; abhorrent
  2. of very poor quality   ⇒ an execrable meal

Derived Forms

ˈexecrableness noun
ˈexecrably adverb

Word Origin

C14: from Latin exsecrābilis, from exsecrārī to execrate

Example Sentences Including 'execrable'

"The Yanks are also vigilant about execrable use of the English language.
Misc (1998)
All of Germany was the canvas on which Hitler enacted his vision, execrable as it was, but a vision nonetheless.
Appiganesi, Lisa Dreams of Innocence
And what I like looking at in them is all those articles about movie stars -- and their execrable taste in clothes.
The Australian (2004)
First the all-singing and dancing Essex uberboobs gets roped in with tired Johnny Vaughan for the execrable Passport To Paradise.
Megastar (2004)
In fact she took no interest in it and when Sandra Johnson said excitedly - and in execrable French - `Oh, I do hope I can have a part!
Brent-Dyer, Elinor Challenge for the Chalet School
Some of us would willingly endure a lifetime of humiliation on the football field if we could avoid that execrable end-of-pier partnership.
Times, Sunday Times (2004)
The A side was an execrable stab at hip-hop, but the B side took the biscotti.
Times, Sunday Times (2001)
The most compatible, phylloxera-resistant American vine growing on French soil produced execrable wine.
Christy Campbell PHYLLOXERA: How Wine was Saved for the World (2004)
Wood, who was acting as host, directed operations in execrable French, and grimaced at Holly who was enjoying his efforts.
Loraine, Philip Loaded Questions


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