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exemplify  (ɪɡˈzɛmplɪˌfaɪ



-fies -fying -fied (transitive)
  1. to show by example
  2. to serve as an example of
  3. (law)
    1. to make an official copy of (a document from public records) under seal
    2. to transcribe (a legal document)

Derived Forms

exˈempliˌfiable  adjective
exˌemplifiˈcation  noun
exˈemplifiˌcative  adjective
exˈempliˌfier  noun

Word Origin

C15: via Old French from Medieval Latin exemplificāre, from Latin exemplum example + facere to make

Translations for 'exemplify'

  • British English: exemplify If a person or thing exemplifies something, they are a typical example of it. VERBThe room's style exemplifies their ideal of 'beauty and practicality'.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: exemplificar
  • Chinese: 是…的典范是…的典范範
  • European Spanish: ejemplificar
  • French: incarner
  • German: verkörpern
  • Italian: esemplificare
  • Japanese: 例示する
  • Korean: ~의 표본이 되다
  • Portuguese: exemplificar
  • Spanish: ejemplificar


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