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falsify  (ˈfɔːlsɪˌfaɪ



-fies -fying -fied (transitive)
  1. to make (a report, evidence, accounts, etc) false or inaccurate by alteration, esp in order to deceive
  2. to prove false; disprove

Derived Forms

ˈfalsiˌfiable  adjective
falsification  (ˌfɔːlsɪfɪˈkeɪʃən   noun
ˈfalsiˌfier  noun

Word Origin

C15: from Old French falsifier, from Late Latin falsificāre, from Latin falsus false + facere to make

Translations for 'falsify'

  • British English: falsify If someone falsifies something, they change it or add untrue details to it in order to deceive people. VERBThe charges against him include fraud, bribery, and falsifying business records.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: falsificar
  • Chinese: 篡改
  • European Spanish: falsificar
  • French: falsifier
  • German: fälschen
  • Italian: falsificare
  • Japanese: 改ざんする
  • Korean: 위조하다
  • Portuguese: falsificar
  • Spanish: falsificar

Example Sentences Including 'falsify'

You learned enough to know that you could order a robot to do many things, even to falsify a book, if you went about it properly.
Asimov, Isaac The Complete Stories Volume 2


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