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comparative adjective

  1. See fatty

fatty (ˈfætɪ Pronunciation for fatty



-tier, -tiest
  1. containing, consisting of, or derived from fat
  2. having the properties of fat; greasy; oily
  3. (esp of tissues, organs, etc) characterized by the excessive accumulation of fat


(plural) -ties
  1. (informal) a fat person

Derived Forms

ˈfattily adverb
ˈfattiness noun

Example Sentences Including 'fattier'

) Bourgignon is a hearty beef stew that daringly uses cheek meat, which is fattier (and more tender!
Globe and Mail (2003)
That's fat pork as in fattier than the pork people eat already.
The Mercury, Sunday Tasmanian (2005)
They are characterised by stubby fins, a pallid appearance and are up to five times fattier than wild salmon.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
When he was writing in 1905, however, the breeds would have been very different and significantly fattier.
Smith, Drew Food Watch


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