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Definitions of fawn

fawn1 (fɔːn



  1. a young deer of either sex aged under one year
    1. a light greyish-brown colour
    2. (as adjective)   ⇒  ■ a fawn raincoat
  2. See in fawn



  1. (of deer) to bear (young)

Derived Forms

ˈfawnˌlike  adjective

Word Origin

C14: from Old French faon, from Latin fētus offspring; see fetus


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= beige, neutral, buff, yellowish-brown, greyish-brown

fawn2 (fɔːn


verb (intransitive; often followed by on or upon)

  1. to seek attention and admiration (from) by cringing and flattering
  2. (of animals, esp dogs) to try to please by a show of extreme friendliness and fondness (towards)

Derived Forms

ˈfawner  noun
ˈfawning  adjective
ˈfawningly  adverb
ˈfawningness  noun

Word Origin

Old English fægnian to be glad, from fægen glad; see fain


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= ingratiate yourself, court, flatter, pander to, creep, crawl, kneel, cringe, grovel, curry favour, toady, pay court, kowtow, brown-nose (taboo) (slang), bow and scrape, dance attendance, truckle, kiss ass (US) ( & Canadian) (taboo) (slang), be obsequious, be servile, lick (someone's) boots, lick (someone's) arse (taboo) (slang)

Example Sentences Including 'fawn'

Stephanie was tall, fair-haired, walking with ease inside a fawn linen suit, with a handbag slung over one shoulder.
Aldiss, Brian Somewhere East of Life
The breeze was getting up, so that her fawn coat fluttered about her legs as if to detain her.
Aldiss, Brian Somewhere East of Life
The woman in blue obviously knew him and she'd introduced him to the woman in the fawn coat: they'd shaken hands.
Low, Ona To His Just Desserts


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