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Definitions of fiancee




  1. woman who is engaged to be married

fiancée (fɪˈɒnseɪ Pronunciation for fiancée



  1. a woman who is engaged to be married

Translations for 'fiancee'

  • British English: fiancéePronunciation for fiancée A man's fiancée is the woman he has agreed to marry.fɪˈɒnseɪ NOUN
  • Arabic: خَطِيبَةPronunciation for خَطِيبَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: noivaPronunciation for noiva
  • Chinese: 未婚妻Pronunciation for 未婚妻
  • Croatian: zaručnicaPronunciation for zaručnica
  • Czech: snoubenkaPronunciation for snoubenka
  • Danish: forlovedePronunciation for forlovede
  • Dutch: verloofdePronunciation for verloofde
  • European Spanish: prometidaPronunciation for prometida
  • Finnish: kihlattu / morsianPronunciation for kihlattu / morsian
  • French: fiancéePronunciation for fiancée
  • German: VerlobtePronunciation for Verlobte Verlobte
  • Greek: μνηστήPronunciation for μνηστή
  • Italian: fidanzataPronunciation for fidanzata
  • Japanese: 婚約中の女性Pronunciation for 婚約中の女性
  • Korean: 약혼녀Pronunciation for 약혼녀
  • Norwegian: forlovedePronunciation for forlovede
  • Polish: narzeczonaPronunciation for narzeczona
  • Portuguese: noivaPronunciation for noiva
  • Romanian: logodnică logodnice
  • Russian: невестаPronunciation for невеста
  • Spanish: prometidaPronunciation for prometida
  • Swedish: fästmöPronunciation for fästmö
  • Thai: คู่หมั้นหญิงPronunciation for คู่หมั้นหญิง
  • Turkish: nişanlıPronunciation for nişanlıkadın
  • Ukrainian: наречена
  • Vietnamese: vợ sắp cướiPronunciation for vợ sắp cưới


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