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fib  (fɪb



  1. a trivial and harmless lie


Word forms:   fibs,  fibbing,  fibbed
  1. (intransitive) to tell such a lie

Derived Forms

ˈfibber  noun

Word Origin

C17: perhaps from fibble-fable an unlikely story; see fable


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= lie, story, fiction, untruth, whopper (informal), porky (British) (slang), pork pie (British) (slang), white lie, prevarication
= lie, invent, fabricate, misrepresent, falsify, tell a lie, prevaricate, perjure, equivocate, dissimulate, tell untruths, forswear yourself

Quotations including 'fib'

  • "fib: a lie that has not cut its teeth" [Ambrose Bierce

Example Sentences Including 'fib'

Thirty jumpers at least, and all the wrong size because he would fib when he talked to people like Celebrity Questionnaire.
Laurie Graham MR STARLIGHT (2004)
He wasn't going upstairs but couldn't bring himself to fib about it.
Leeson, Robert The Third Class Genie
He rang me up half an hour ago and stormed at me for telling the fib - except that Stephen doesn't storm, he's too much of a poppet.
Howatch, Susan Absolute Truths


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