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ficus (ˈfiːkəs Pronunciation for ficus



  1. any plant of the genus Ficus, which includes the edible fig and several greenhouse and house plants See rubber plant, weeping ivy

Example Sentences Including 'ficus'

The most effective method of propagating ficus is by marcotting or aerial layering.
Misc (1999)
The suburban farm has shrunk to a courtyard apartment with three non-productive ficus trees.
The Advertiser, Sunday Mail (2004)
When I first saw it, I remember marvelling at the ficus roots as thick as a man's waist bursting through the walls.
Times, Sunday Times (2005)
`Sandra's got a variegated ficus benjamina," he'll say one day, with a faraway look in his eye.
Etherington, Jan & Brooke-Taylor, Tim Men! A Collector's Guide


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