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fill (fɪl Pronunciation for fill



(mainly transitive) often foll by up
  1. (also intransitive) to make or become full   ⇒ to fill up a bottle, the bath fills in two minutes
  2. to occupy the whole of   ⇒ the party filled two floors of the house
  3. to plug (a gap, crevice, cavity, etc)
  4. to meet (a requirement or need) satisfactorily
  5. to cover (a page or blank space) with writing, drawing, etc
  6. to hold and perform the duties of (an office or position)
  7. to appoint or elect an occupant to (an office or position)
  8. (building) to build up (ground) with fill
  9. (also intransitive) to swell or cause to swell with wind, as in manoeuvring the sails of a sailing vessel
  10. to increase the bulk of by adding an inferior substance
  11. (poker) to complete (a full house, etc) by drawing the cards needed
  12. (mainly US & Canadian) to put together the necessary materials for (a prescription or order)
  13. See fill the bill


  1. material such as gravel, stones, etc, used to bring an area of ground up to a required level
  2. See one's fill

Word Origin

Old English fyllan; related to Old Frisian fella, Old Norse fylla, Gothic fulljan, Old High German fullen; see full1, fulfil


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= top up, fill up, make full, become full, brim over
= swell, expand, inflate, become bloated, extend, balloon, fatten
= plug, close, stop, seal, cork, bung, block up, stop up
= fulfil, hold, perform, carry out, occupy, take up, execute, discharge, officiate
= complete, carry out, implement, fulfil, execute

Translations for 'fill'

  • British English: fillPronunciation for fill If you fill a container or area, or if it fills, an amount of something enters it that is enough to make it full.Fill a saucepan with water and bring to a slow boil.The boy's eyes filled with tears.fɪl VERB
  • Arabic: يَـمْلُأPronunciation for يَـمْلُأ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: encherPronunciation for encher
  • Chinese: 装满Pronunciation for 装满
  • Croatian: punitiPronunciation for puniti
  • Czech: plnitPronunciation for plnit naplnit
  • Danish: fyldePronunciation for fylde
  • Dutch: vullenPronunciation for vullen
  • European Spanish: llenarPronunciation for llenar
  • Finnish: täyttääPronunciation for täyttää
  • French: remplirPronunciation for remplir
  • German: füllenPronunciation for füllen
  • Greek: γεμίζωPronunciation for γεμίζω
  • Italian: riempirePronunciation for riempire
  • Japanese: いっぱいにするPronunciation for いっぱいにする
  • Korean: ...을 ...으로 채우다Pronunciation for ...을 ...으로 채우다
  • Norwegian: fyllePronunciation for fylle
  • Polish: napełnićPronunciation for napełnić napełniać
  • Portuguese: encherPronunciation for encher
  • Romanian: a umple
  • Russian: наполнятьPronunciation for наполнять
  • Spanish: llenarPronunciation for llenar
  • Swedish: fyllaPronunciation for fylla
  • Thai: เติมPronunciation for เติม
  • Turkish: doldurmakPronunciation for doldurmakiçini
  • Ukrainian: заповнювати
  • Vietnamese: làm đầyPronunciation for làm đầy

Example Sentences Including 'fill'

Small, bright-eyed birds swooped among the clouds of insects, eating their fill.
At lunchtime the streets began to fill with people looking for something to eat.
You know how it is...' Rudenko lapsed into silence, inviting Stephanie to fill the empty spaces.
Mark Burnell CHAMELEON (2002)


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