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floatation (fləʊˈteɪʃən Pronunciation for floatation



  1. a variant spelling of flotation

flotation or floatation (fləʊˈteɪʃən Pronunciation for )



    1. the launching or financing of a commercial enterprise by bond or share issues
    2. the raising of a loan or new capital by bond or share issues
  1. power or ability to float; buoyancy
  2. Also called: froth flotation. a process to concentrate the valuable ore in low-grade ores. The ore is ground to a powder, mixed with water containing surface-active chemicals, and vigorously aerated. The bubbles formed trap the required ore fragments and carry them to the surface froth, which is then skimmed off

Example Sentences Including 'floatation'

Henry Moore's perforated heads and torsos crossed with emergency floatation devices, perchance?
Globe and Mail (2003)
Investec, the merchant bank, is acting for the company in its floatation plans.
Glasgow Herald (2002)
One contained a box asking for the estimated total proceeds of the floatation.
New Scientist (2004)
The year of the floatation , the Sunday Express, which for years had reigned supreme in the middle market, faced competition.
Penny Junor HOME TRUTHS: Life Around My Father (2002)
Three years later its London stock market floatation was ten times oversubscribed.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)


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