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flogging1 (ˈflɒɡɪŋ) 



  1. the harsh beating of a person as a form of punishment, esp with a whip, strap, etc   ⇒ He urged the restoration of hanging and flogging.
  2. an act of beating a person as punishment   ⇒ He was sentenced to a flogging and life imprisonment.   ⇒ There have been public floggings of women for adultery.


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= beating, hiding, whipping, lashing, thrashing, caning, scourging, trouncing, flagellation, horsewhipping

flogging2 (ˈflɒɡɪŋ) 


present participle of verb

  1. of flog

flog (flɒɡ Pronunciation for flog



Word forms:  flogs,  flogging,  flogged
  1. (transitive) to beat harshly, esp with a whip, strap, etc
  2. (transitive) (British, slang) to sell
  3. (intransitive) (of a sail) to flap noisily in the wind
  4. (intransitive) to make progress by painful work
  5. (New Zealand) to steal
  6. See flog a dead horse

  7. See flog to death

Derived Forms

ˈflogger noun
ˈflogging noun

Word Origin

C17: probably from Latin flagellāre; see flagellant


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= sell, market, trade, dispose of, put up for sale
= beat, whip, lash, thrash, whack, scourge, hit hard, trounce, castigate, chastise, flay, lambast(e), flagellate, punish severely, beat or knock seven bells out of

Example Sentences Including 'flogging'

But for this ``fisherman from way back ', flogging jewellery and men's clothing was always temporary.
The Australian (2004)
But not even Lonhro could rescue Beadman from a public flogging after the Queen Elizabeth Stakes at Randwick a few weeks later.
Courier, Sunday Mail (2005)
By lunchtime I knew exactly how difficult it is flogging through thirty problems a day without assistance.
Isabel Wolff RESCUING ROSE (2002)
Couldn't afford radar, even the cheap sets the Nips were flogging - just one more piece of trash you had to maintain.
Terman, Douglas Cormorant
In my dream the Nazi guards stopped flogging Desmond and began to castrate him.
Howatch, Susan Absolute Truths
Under Sir R. Peel's new Act a man will be sentenced either to seven years" transportation or imprisonment with flogging.
Geraghty, Tony The Bullet Catchers
You have achieved what no other car manufacturer can boast of: flogging the same model for 17 long years.
Business Today (2000)


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