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Definitions of flood

flood  (flʌd



    1. the inundation of land that is normally dry through the overflowing of a body of water, esp a river
    2. the state of a river that is at an abnormally high level (esp in the phrase in flood) related adjective diluvial
  1. a great outpouring or flow   ⇒ a flood of words
    1. the rising of the tide from low to high water
    2. (as modifier)   ⇒ the flood tide
      Compare ebb (sense 3
  2. (theatre) short for floodlight
  3. (archaic) a large body of water, as the sea or a river


  1. (of water) to inundate or submerge (land) or (of land) to be inundated or submerged
  2. to fill or be filled to overflowing, as with a flood   ⇒ the children's home was flooded with gifts
  3. (intransitive) to flow; surge   ⇒ relief flooded through him
  4. to supply an excessive quantity of petrol to (a carburettor or petrol engine) or (of a carburettor, etc) to be supplied with such an excess
  5. (intransitive) to rise to a flood; overflow
  6. (intransitive)
    1. to bleed profusely from the uterus, as following childbirth
    2. to have an abnormally heavy flow of blood during a menstrual period

Derived Forms

ˈfloodable  adjective
ˈflooder  noun
ˈfloodless  adjective

Word Origin

Old English flōd; related to Old Norse flōth, Gothic flōdus, Old High German fluot flood, Greek plōtos navigable; see flow, float


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= deluge, downpour, flash flood, inundation, tide, overflow, torrent, spate, freshet
= immerse, swamp, submerge, inundate, deluge, drown, cover with water
= pour over, swamp, run over, overflow, inundate, brim over
= engulf, flow into, rush into, sweep into, overwhelm, surge into, swarm into, pour into, gush into
= saturate, fill, choke, swamp, glut, oversupply, overfill

Flood1  (flʌd



  1. See the Flood

Flood2  (flʌd



  1. Henry. 1732–91, Anglo-Irish politician: leader of the parliamentary opposition to English rule

Translations for 'flood'

  • British English: flood If there is a flood, a large amount of water covers an area which is usually dry.Many people were injured in the floods.flʌd NOUN
  • Arabic: فَيَضَان
  • Brazilian Portuguese: enchente
  • Chinese: 洪水
  • Croatian: poplava
  • Czech: povodeň
  • Danish: oversvømmelse
  • Dutch: overstroming
  • European Spanish: inundación
  • Finnish: tulva
  • French: inondation
  • German: Flut
  • Greek: πλημμύρα
  • Italian: inondazione
  • Japanese: 洪水
  • Korean: 홍수
  • Norwegian: oversvømmelse
  • Polish: powódź
  • Portuguese: cheia
  • Romanian: inundație inundații
  • Russian: потоп
  • Spanish: inundación
  • Swedish: översvämning
  • Thai: น้ำท่วม
  • Turkish: sel
  • Ukrainian: повінь
  • Vietnamese: lũ lụt
  • British English: flood If something such as a river or a burst pipe floods an area that is usually dry, it becomes covered with water.The river flooded the city's underground tunnel system.flʌd VERBriver, pipe
  • Arabic: يُغْرِقُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: inundar
  • Chinese: 淹没
  • Croatian: poplaviti
  • Czech: zaplavit zaplavovat
  • Danish: oversvømme
  • Dutch: overstromen
  • European Spanish: inundar
  • Finnish: tulvia
  • French: inonder
  • German: überschwemmen
  • Greek: πλημμυρίζω
  • Italian: inondare
  • Japanese: 氾濫させる
  • Korean: (...을) 범람시키다
  • Norwegian: oversvømme
  • Polish: zalać zalewać
  • Portuguese: inundar
  • Romanian: a inunda
  • Russian: затоплять
  • Spanish: inundar
  • Swedish: översvämma
  • Thai: ท่วม
  • Turkish: su basmak
  • Ukrainian: затоплювати затопити
  • Vietnamese: tràn ngập
  • British English: flood If an area that is usually dry floods, it becomes covered with water.The kitchen flooded.flʌd VERBarea
  • Arabic: يَفْيضُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: extravasar
  • Chinese: 淹没
  • Croatian: poplaviti
  • Czech: rozvodnit se rozvodňovat se
  • Danish: blive oversvømmet
  • Dutch: onder water lopen
  • European Spanish: inundarse
  • Finnish: tulvia
  • French: inonder
  • German: überlaufen
  • Greek: πλημμυρίζω
  • Italian: allagarsi
  • Japanese: 氾濫する
  • Korean: 범람하다
  • Norwegian: oversvømme
  • Polish: zostać zalanym być zalewanym
  • Portuguese: alagar
  • Romanian: a inunda
  • Russian: затопить
  • Spanish: desbordarse
  • Swedish: svämma över
  • Thai: ไหลบ่า ไหลล้น
  • Turkish: su baskınına uğramak
  • Ukrainian: затоплювати затопити
  • Vietnamese: ngập

Example Sentences Including 'flood'

Silence, then the trickle at once became a small flood of words.
Thomas, Craig The Last Raven
The sort of stains left by a flood that had reached almost to the top.
The undergrowth encroaching upon them from all sides gleamed coldly in the light from the high-intensity flood lamps.
Wright, L R Sleep While I Sing


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