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flowerpot (ˈflaʊəˌpɒt Pronunciation for flowerpot



  1. a pot in which plants are grown

Example Sentences Including 'flowerpot'

A human would have placed it under a stone or a flowerpot but for a sea-spirit the logical place was in water.
Amanda Hemingway THE GREENSTONE GRAIL: The Sangreal Trilogy One (2004)
And as I got closer I saw that each of the streaks culminated in a flowerpot with lush greenery in it.
Irish Times (2002)
Select a suitable site and did a hole big enough to take a medium-sized flowerpot.
Forsythe, Trevor G Successful Organic Pest Control
There was a silver patten and an ancient font which the heathens at the hall had once used as a flowerpot.
Hilary Mantel LEARNING TO TALK: Short stories (2003)
Watts told police that he strangled a Houston woman and then held her head in a flowerpot full of water to make sure she was dead.
canada.com (2004)


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