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Definitions of fo'c's'le

fo'c's'le or fo'c'sle (ˈfəʊksəl )



  1. a variant spelling of forecastle

forecastle or fo'c's'le or fo'c'sle (ˈfəʊksəl )



  1. the part of a vessel at the bow where the crew is quartered and stores, machines, etc, may be stowed

Example Sentences Including 'fo'c's'le'

On the short fo'c's'le a large steel box was secured to the deck by a number of steel wires.
Gagman, Maurice Doubtful Motives
The darkness was still pretty complete, McKinnon couldn't even see as far as the fo'c's'le with the deck lights extinguished.
Maclean, Alistair San Andreas


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