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follow  (ˈfɒləʊ



  1. to go or come after in the same direction   ⇒ he followed his friend home
  2. (transitive) to accompany; attend   ⇒ she followed her sister everywhere
  3. to come after as a logical or natural consequence
  4. (transitive) to keep to the course or track of   ⇒ she followed the towpath
  5. (transitive) to act in accordance with; obey   ⇒ to follow instructions
  6. (transitive) to accept the ideas or beliefs of (a previous authority, etc)   ⇒ he followed Donne in most of his teachings
  7. to understand (an explanation, argument, etc)   ⇒ the lesson was difficult to follow
  8. to watch closely or continuously   ⇒ she followed his progress carefully
  9. (transitive) to have a keen interest in   ⇒ to follow athletics
  10. (transitive) to help in the cause of or accept the leadership of   ⇒ the men who followed Napoleon
  11. (transitive) to choose to receive messages posted by (a blogger or microblogger)   ⇒ I've been following her online
  12. (transitive) (rare) to earn a living at or in   ⇒ to follow the Navy
  13. See follow suit


  1. (billiards, snooker)
    1. a forward spin imparted to a cue ball causing it to roll after the object ball
    2. a shot made in this way

Derived Forms

ˈfollowable  adjective

Word Origin

Old English folgian; related to Old Frisian folgia, Old Saxon folgōn, Old High German folgēn


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= accompany, attend, escort, come after, go behind, tag along behind, bring up the rear, come behind, come or go with, tread on the heels of
= pursue, track, dog, hunt, chase, shadow, tail (informal), trail, hound, stalk, run after
= come after, go after, come next
= result, issue, develop, spring, flow, proceed, arise, ensue, roll up, emanate, be consequent, supervene
= obey, observe, comply with, adhere to, mind, watch, note, regard, stick to, heed, conform to, keep to, pay attention to, be guided by, toe the line, act according to, act in accordance with, give allegiance to
= copy, imitate, emulate, mimic, model, adopt, live up to, take a leaf out of someone's book, take as an example, pattern yourself upon
= succeed, replace, come after, take over from, come next, supersede, supplant, take the place of, step into the shoes of
= understand, get, see, catch, realize, appreciate, take in, grasp, catch on (informal), keep up with, comprehend, fathom, get the hang of (informal), get the picture
= keep up with, support, be interested in, cultivate, be devoted to, be a fan of, keep abreast of, be a devotee or supporter of

Translations for 'follow'

  • British English: follow If you follow someone who is going somewhere, you move along behind them.We followed him up the steps.They took him into a small room and I followed.ˈfɒləʊ VERB
  • Arabic: يَتْبَعُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: seguir
  • Chinese: 跟随
  • Croatian: slijediti
  • Czech: následovat
  • Danish: følge
  • Dutch: volgen
  • European Spanish: seguirpersona
  • Finnish: seurata
  • French: suivre
  • German: folgen
  • Greek: ακολουθώ
  • Italian: seguire
  • Japanese: ・・・について行く
  • Korean: ...에 잇따르다
  • Norwegian: følge (etter)
  • Polish: nastąpić następować
  • Portuguese: seguir
  • Romanian: a urma
  • Russian: следовать
  • Spanish: seguirvenir detrás
  • Swedish: följa
  • Thai: ตาม
  • Turkish: izlemek
  • Ukrainian: іти за
  • Vietnamese: đi theo

Example Sentences Including 'follow'

Malone went into the interview room, motioning Gail Lee to follow him.
Jon Cleary YESTERDAY'S SHADOW (2002)
He felt paralyzed, unable to reach for the bells or to follow Lirael.
He saw Linda Lupin crane her head to follow Roote's progress down the aisle.
Anthony Masters CASCADES - THE DAY OF THE DEAD (2001)


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