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followable (ˈfɒləʊəbəl) 



  1. able to be followed

follow (ˈfɒləʊ Pronunciation for follow



  1. to go or come after in the same direction   ⇒ he followed his friend home
  2. (transitive) to accompany; attend   ⇒ she followed her sister everywhere
  3. to come after as a logical or natural consequence
  4. (transitive) to keep to the course or track of   ⇒ she followed the towpath
  5. (transitive) to act in accordance with; obey   ⇒ to follow instructions
  6. (transitive) to accept the ideas or beliefs of (a previous authority, etc)   ⇒ he followed Donne in most of his teachings
  7. to understand (an explanation, argument, etc)   ⇒ the lesson was difficult to follow
  8. to watch closely or continuously   ⇒ she followed his progress carefully
  9. (transitive) to have a keen interest in   ⇒ to follow athletics
  10. (transitive) to help in the cause of or accept the leadership of   ⇒ the men who followed Napoleon
  11. (transitive) to choose to receive messages posted by (a blogger or microblogger)   ⇒ I've been following her online
  12. (transitive) (rare) to earn a living at or in   ⇒ to follow the Navy
  13. See follow suit


  1. (billiards, snooker)
    1. a forward spin imparted to a cue ball causing it to roll after the object ball
    2. a shot made in this way

Derived Forms

ˈfollowable adjective

Word Origin

Old English folgian; related to Old Frisian folgia, Old Saxon folgōn, Old High German folgēn


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