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fork out or fork over or fork up



  1. (adverb) (slang) to pay (money, goods, etc), esp with reluctance


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= pay, pay up, cough up, shell out, remit

Example Sentences Including 'fork out'

And hey, they even did their own conveyancing, so they didn't have to fork out those exorbitant lawyer's fees.
Val McDermid KICK BACK (2002)
Blood was running from the wound, but he didn't waste time pulling the fork out.
Clive Barker EVERVILLE (2001)
But if men are happy to fork out more than three quid a month to drool over someone else's collection of Herm├Ęs ties, then let them.
Alex George LOVE YOU MADLY (2002)
In South Townsville, the posh area, you'll probably fork out $295,000 for a two-bedroom unit.
Courier, Sunday Mail (2004)
My dad wasn't quite so keen when; he realized he would have to fork out twenty-five shillings every week.
Shapiro, Helen Walking Back to Happiness
They will also have to fork out millions in one-off payments for upgrading computers to cope with the new tax.
Misc (1999)
When they want to dig into a pile of clams, they don't have to fork out a fortune.
Business Today (1996)


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