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foundation  (faʊnˈdeɪʃən



  1. that on which something is founded; basis
  2. (often plural) a construction below the ground that distributes the load of a building, wall, etc
  3. the base on which something stands
  4. the act of founding or establishing or the state of being founded or established
    1. an endowment or legacy for the perpetual support of an institution such as a school or hospital
    2. See on the foundation

  5. an institution supported by an endowment, often one that provides funds for charities, research, etc
  6. the charter incorporating or establishing a society or institution and the statutes or rules governing its affairs
  7. a cosmetic in cream or cake form used as a base for make-up
  8. See foundation garment
  9. (cards) a card on which a sequence may be built

Derived Forms

founˈdational  adjective
founˈdationally  adverb
founˈdationary  adjective

Translations for 'foundation'

  • British English: foundation The foundation of something such as a belief or way of life is the things on which it is based. NOUNBest friends are the foundation of my life.belief
  • Brazilian Portuguese: base
  • Chinese: 基础基础礎
  • European Spanish: base
  • French: base
  • German: Grundlage
  • Italian: fondamento
  • Japanese: 基盤
  • Korean: 기반
  • Portuguese: base
  • Spanish: base
  • British English: foundation The foundations of a building or other structure are the layer of bricks or concrete below the ground that it is built on. NOUNbuilding
  • Brazilian Portuguese: fundação
  • Chinese: 地基
  • European Spanish: cimientos
  • French: fondation
  • German: Fundament
  • Italian: fondamenta
  • Japanese: 土台
  • Korean: 토대
  • Portuguese: fundação
  • Spanish: cimientos
  • British English: foundation If a story, idea, or argument has no foundation, there are no facts to prove that it is true. NOUNThe allegations were without foundation.proof
  • Brazilian Portuguese: fundação
  • Chinese: 根据根据據
  • European Spanish: fundamento
  • French: fondement
  • German: Grundlage
  • Italian: fondamento
  • Japanese: 根拠
  • Korean: 근거
  • Portuguese: fundação
  • Spanish: fundamento
  • British English: foundation Foundation is a skin-coloured cream that you put on your face before putting on the rest of your make-up. NOUNUse foundation and/or face powder afterwards for an even skin tone.make-up
  • Brazilian Portuguese: creme base
  • Chinese: 粉底霜
  • European Spanish: base de maquillaje
  • French: fond de teint
  • German: Grundierungscreme
  • Italian: fondo tinta
  • Japanese: ファンデーション
  • Korean: 파운데이션
  • Portuguese: creme base
  • Spanish: base de maquillaje

Example Sentences Including 'foundation'

I clean away the blood with more cold water, dry myself, then hastily smear foundation over the worst of the facial bruising.
Mark Burnell CHAMELEON (2002)
An ancient roller coaster still stood upright, but with some timbers of its foundation dangling loose.
Arthur, Robert Three in One
That was the foundation of his great popularity over here, something he had never attained in France.
Penelope Fitzgerald HUMAN VOICES (2003)


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