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freeloader (ˈfriːˌləʊdə Pronunciation for freeloader



  1. (slang) a person who habitually depends on the charity of others for food, shelter, etc

Derived Forms

ˈfreeˌloading noun

Example Sentences Including 'freeloader'

BT presents the freeloader 's algorithm for mining the Net for your favourite programs.
Business Today (2000)
He wasn't just a freeloader , the kitten let them know proudly, he could work his passage.
Babson, Marian Weekend for Murder
Not wanting to be a freeloader , he offered to help with chores, and eventually learned the fundamentals of mixing and kneading flour.
Toronto Sun (2003)
The gauche, toe-sucking freeloader of the Eighties has become the vulnerable, cohabiting career woman of the Nineties.
Independent (1998)
The late Labour MP Willie Hamilton was convinced she was a freeloader.
Misc (1995)


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