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fresh (frɛʃ Pronunciation for fresh



  1. not stale or deteriorated; newly made, harvested, etc   ⇒ fresh bread, fresh strawberries
  2. newly acquired, created, found, etc   ⇒ fresh publications
  3. novel; original   ⇒ a fresh outlook
  4. latest; most recent   ⇒ fresh developments
  5. further; additional; more   ⇒ fresh supplies
  6. not canned, frozen, or otherwise preserved   ⇒ fresh fruit
  7. (of water) not salt
  8. bright or clear   ⇒ a fresh morning
  9. chilly or invigorating   ⇒ a fresh breeze
  10. not tired; alert; refreshed
  11. not worn or faded   ⇒ fresh colours
  12. having a healthy or ruddy appearance
  13. newly or just arrived; straight   ⇒ fresh from the presses
  14. youthful or inexperienced
  15. (mainly US) designating a female farm animal, esp a cow, that has recently given birth
  16. (informal) presumptuous or disrespectful; forward
  17. (Northern England, dialect) partially intoxicated; tipsy


  1. the fresh part or time of something
  2. another name for freshet


  1. (obsolete) to make or become fresh; freshen


  1. in a fresh manner; freshly
  2. See fresh out of

Derived Forms

ˈfreshly adverb
ˈfreshness noun

Word Origin

Old English fersc fresh, unsalted; related to Old High German frisc, Old French freis, Old Norse ferskr


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= natural, raw, crude, unsalted, unprocessed, uncured, unpreserved, undried, green,
= new, original, novel, unusual, latest, different, recent, modern, up-to-date, this season's, unconventional, unorthodox, ground-breaking, left-field, new-fangled, modernistic,
= vivid, bright, verdant, undimmed, unfaded,
= lively, rested, bright, keen, vital, restored, alert, bouncing, revived, refreshed, vigorous, energetic, sprightly, invigorated, spry, chipper, full of beans, like a new man, full of vim and vigour, unwearied, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed,
= inexperienced, new, young, green, natural, raw, youthful, unqualified, callow, untrained, untried, artless, uncultivated, wet behind the ears,

Translations for 'fresh'

  • British English: freshPronunciation for fresh A fresh thing or amount replaces or is added to an existing thing or amount.The waiter placed a fresh glass on the table.frɛʃ ADJECTIVEreplacing something
  • Arabic: طَازِجPronunciation for طَازِج
  • Brazilian Portuguese: frescoPronunciation for fresco fresca
  • Chinese: 新的Pronunciation for 新的
  • Croatian: svježPronunciation for svjež svježa
  • Czech: čerstvýPronunciation for čerstvý
  • Danish: friskPronunciation for frisk
  • Dutch: versPronunciation for vers
  • European Spanish: frescoPronunciation for fresco frescareciente
  • Finnish: tuorePronunciation for tuore
  • French: fraisPronunciation for frais fraîcherécent
  • German: frischPronunciation for frisch
  • Greek: φρέσκοςPronunciation for φρέσκος φρέσκια
  • Italian: frescoPronunciation for fresco fresca
  • Japanese: 新鮮なPronunciation for 新鮮な
  • Korean: 신선한Pronunciation for 신선한
  • Norwegian: ferskPronunciation for fersk
  • Polish: świeżyPronunciation for świeży świeża
  • Portuguese: frescoPronunciation for fresco fresca
  • Romanian: nou nou, nouă, noi
  • Russian: свежийPronunciation for свежий свежая
  • Spanish: frescoPronunciation for fresco fresca
  • Swedish: färskPronunciation for färsk färskt
  • Thai: ใหม่Pronunciation for ใหม่
  • Turkish: tazePronunciation for taze
  • Ukrainian: новий
  • Vietnamese: tươiPronunciation for tươi
  • British English: freshfrɛʃ If food is fresh, it has been picked or made a short time ago.Eat some fresh fruit every day. ADJECTIVEfood
  • Arabic: طازِج
  • Brazilian Portuguese: fresco fresca
  • Chinese: 新鲜的食物
  • Croatian: svjež
  • Czech: čerstvý
  • Danish: frisk
  • Dutch: vers
  • European Spanish: fresco
  • Finnish: tuore
  • French: frais fraîchelégumes
  • German: frisch
  • Greek: φρέσκος φρέσκια
  • Italian: fresco fresca
  • Japanese: 新鮮な
  • Korean: 신선한
  • Norwegian: fersk
  • Polish: świeży świeża
  • Portuguese: fresco
  • Romanian: proaspăt proaspăt, proaspătă, proaspeți, proaspete
  • Russian: свежий
  • Spanish: fresco fresca
  • Swedish: färsk färskt
  • Thai: สด
  • Turkish: taze
  • Ukrainian: свіжий
  • Vietnamese: tươi
  • British English: freshfrɛʃ Fresh water has no salt in it. The water in rivers is fresh. ADJECTIVEwater
  • Arabic: ماءٌ عَذْب
  • Brazilian Portuguese: doce
  • Chinese: 淡的
  • Croatian: slatkovodan
  • Czech: sladkývoda
  • Danish: fersk
  • Dutch: zoet
  • European Spanish: dulce
  • Finnish: makea
  • French: douceeau douce
  • German: Süßwasser
  • Greek: γλυκός γλυκιά
  • Italian: fresco fresca
  • Japanese: 淡水の
  • Korean: 소금이 안든
  • Norwegian: fersk
  • Polish: słodka (woda)
  • Portuguese: doce
  • Romanian: dulce dulce, dulcidespre apă
  • Russian: пресный
  • Spanish: agua dulce
  • Swedish: frisk friskt
  • Thai: น้ำจืด
  • Turkish: taze
  • Ukrainian: прісний
  • Vietnamese: ngọt
  • British English: freshfrɛʃ Fresh air is clean and cool. ADJECTIVEair
  • Arabic: الهَوَاءُ الطَّلْق
  • Brazilian Portuguese: fresco fresca
  • Chinese: 新鲜的空气
  • Croatian: hladan
  • Czech: svěží
  • Danish: frisk
  • Dutch: fris
  • European Spanish: fresco
  • Finnish: raikas
  • French: fraisair
  • German: frisch
  • Greek: καθαρός καθαρή
  • Italian: fresco fresca
  • Japanese: すがすがしい
  • Korean: 상쾌한
  • Norwegian: frisk
  • Polish: świeży świeża
  • Portuguese: fresco
  • Romanian: proaspăt proaspăt, proaspătă, proaspeți, proaspete
  • Russian: чистый
  • Spanish: fresco fresca
  • Swedish: frisk friskt
  • Thai: สดชื่น
  • Turkish: temiz
  • Ukrainian: свіжий
  • Vietnamese: trong lành

Example Sentences Including 'fresh'

Bagado had told me to keep my mouth shut about the stowaways and the fresh timber theory.
Robert Wilson A DARKENING STAIN (2002)
Running cigarettes, stealing fresh vegetables, manufacturing vodka, enforcing protection.
Mark Burnell CHAMELEON (2002)
Two ribbons of fresh tyre marks went into the empty garage, taking mud with them.
Robert Wilson A DARKENING STAIN (2002)


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