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fungible (ˈfʌndʒɪbəl Pronunciation for fungible (law)



  1. (often plural) moveable perishable goods of a sort that may be estimated by number or weight, such as grain, wine, etc


  1. having the nature or quality of fungibles

Derived Forms

ˌfungiˈbility noun

Word Origin

C18: from Medieval Latin fungibilis, from Latin fungī to perform; see function

Example Sentences Including 'fungible'

But it is not' -- Mister Brown spoke delicately, his plump hands opening and closing like a butterfly's wings -- ` fungible.
Bernard Cornwell SHARPE'S PREY (2002)
PC: Money is fungible and it can be used either to retire public debt or to fund the social sector.
India Today (2000)


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