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fussy (ˈfʌsɪ Pronunciation for fussy



Word forms:  fussier,  fussiest
  1. inclined to fuss over minor points
  2. very particular about detail
  3. characterized by overelaborate detail   ⇒ the furniture was too fussy to be elegant

Derived Forms

ˈfussily adverb
ˈfussiness noun


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= particular, difficult, exacting, discriminating, fastidious, dainty, squeamish, choosy, picky, nit-picking, hard to please, finicky, pernickety, faddish, faddy, anal retentive, old-maidish, old womanish, overparticular, nit-picky
= overelaborate, busy, cluttered, rococo, overdecorated, overembellished

Translations for 'fussy'

  • British English: fussyPronunciation for fussy Someone who is fussy is very concerned with unimportant details and is difficult to please.She is very fussy about what she eats.ˈfʌsɪ ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: صَعْبُ الإرْضَاءPronunciation for صَعْبُ الإرْضَاءمنمق
  • Brazilian Portuguese: minuciosoPronunciation for minucioso minuciosa
  • Chinese: 爱挑剔的Pronunciation for 爱挑剔的
  • Croatian: sitničavPronunciation for sitničav sitničava
  • Czech: věčně nespokojenýPronunciation for věčně nespokojený
  • Danish: pertentligPronunciation for pertentlig
  • Dutch: kieskeurigPronunciation for kieskeurigroerig
  • European Spanish: quisquillosoPronunciation for quisquilloso quisquillosa
  • Finnish: nirsoPronunciation for nirso
  • French: tatillonPronunciation for tatillon
  • German: kleinlichPronunciation for kleinlich
  • Greek: σχολαστικόςPronunciation for σχολαστικός σχολαστική
  • Italian: esigentePronunciation for esigente
  • Japanese: 騒ぎたてるPronunciation for 騒ぎたてる
  • Korean: 야단법석하는Pronunciation for 야단법석하는
  • Norwegian: masetePronunciation for masete
  • Polish: grymaśnyPronunciation for grymaśny grymaśna
  • Portuguese: exigentePronunciation for exigente
  • Romanian: pretențios pretențios, pretențioasă, pretențioși, pretențioase
  • Russian: суетливыйPronunciation for суетливый суетливая
  • Spanish: quisquillosoPronunciation for quisquilloso quisquillosa
  • Swedish: tjafsigPronunciation for tjafsig tjafsigt
  • Thai: จู้จี้Pronunciation for จู้จี้
  • Turkish: yaygaracıPronunciation for yaygaracı
  • Ukrainian: метушливий
  • Vietnamese: om sòmPronunciation for om sòm

Example Sentences Including 'fussy'

I didn't do any pen work on the quay; it would have made it too fussy.
Crawshaw, Alwyn Crawshaw's Watercolour Studio
Nothing much in the fridge but a starving man is not fussy.
Salley Vickers MR GOLIGHTLY'S HOLIDAY (2003)
Now with plum projects vanishing, software India is getting fussy about hires.
Business Today (2002)
Rather like people, plants are fussy about the company they keep.
Misc (1999)
She had always been as fussy over her food as a bachelor gourmet.
Doris Lessing ON CATS (2002)
Stephen Byerley did not allow the fussy little man to distract him.
Asimov, Isaac The Complete Stories Volume 2
The health benefits are enormous, making kids more familiar with food and less likely to be fussy with different flavours.
Australian News Misc (2005)


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