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fussy (ˈfʌsɪ Pronunciation for fussy



Word forms:  fussier,  fussiest
  1. inclined to fuss over minor points
  2. very particular about detail
  3. characterized by overelaborate detail   ⇒ the furniture was too fussy to be elegant

Derived Forms

ˈfussily adverb
ˈfussiness noun


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= particular, difficult, exacting, discriminating, fastidious, dainty, squeamish, choosy, picky, nit-picking, hard to please, finicky, pernickety, faddish, faddy, anal retentive, old-maidish, old womanish, overparticular, nit-picky
= overelaborate, busy, cluttered, rococo, overdecorated, overembellished

Translations for 'fussy'

  • British English: fussyPronunciation for fussy Someone who is fussy is very concerned with unimportant details and is difficult to please.She is very fussy about what she eats.ˈfʌsɪ ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: صَعْبُ الإرْضَاءPronunciation for صَعْبُ الإرْضَاءمنمق
  • Brazilian Portuguese: minuciosoPronunciation for minucioso minuciosa
  • Chinese: 爱挑剔的Pronunciation for 爱挑剔的
  • Croatian: sitničavPronunciation for sitničav sitničava
  • Czech: věčně nespokojenýPronunciation for věčně nespokojený
  • Danish: pertentligPronunciation for pertentlig
  • Dutch: kieskeurigPronunciation for kieskeurigroerig
  • European Spanish: quisquillosoPronunciation for quisquilloso quisquillosa
  • Finnish: nirsoPronunciation for nirso
  • French: tatillonPronunciation for tatillon
  • German: kleinlichPronunciation for kleinlich
  • Greek: σχολαστικόςPronunciation for σχολαστικός σχολαστική
  • Italian: esigentePronunciation for esigente
  • Japanese: 騒ぎたてるPronunciation for 騒ぎたてる
  • Korean: 야단법석하는Pronunciation for 야단법석하는
  • Norwegian: masetePronunciation for masete
  • Polish: grymaśnyPronunciation for grymaśny grymaśna
  • Portuguese: exigentePronunciation for exigente
  • Romanian: pretențios pretențios, pretențioasă, pretențioși, pretențioase
  • Russian: суетливыйPronunciation for суетливый суетливая
  • Spanish: quisquillosoPronunciation for quisquilloso quisquillosa
  • Swedish: tjafsigPronunciation for tjafsig tjafsigt
  • Thai: จู้จี้Pronunciation for จู้จี้
  • Turkish: yaygaracıPronunciation for yaygaracı
  • Ukrainian: метушливий
  • Vietnamese: om sòmPronunciation for om sòm

Example Sentences Including 'fussy'

Stephen Byerley did not allow the fussy little man to distract him.
Asimov, Isaac The Complete Stories Volume 2
Nothing much in the fridge but a starving man is not fussy.
Salley Vickers MR GOLIGHTLY'S HOLIDAY (2003)
She had always been as fussy over her food as a bachelor gourmet.
Doris Lessing ON CATS (2002)


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