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Definitions of gash

gash1  (ɡæʃ



  1. (transitive) to make a long deep cut or wound in; slash


  1. a long deep cut or wound

Word Origin

C16: from Old French garser to scratch, wound, from Vulgar Latin charissāre (unattested), from Greek kharassein to scratch

gash2  (ɡæʃ



  1. (slang) surplus to requirements; unnecessary, extra, or spare

Word Origin

C20: of unknown origin

Translations for 'gash'

  • British English: gash A gash is a long, deep cut in your skin or in the surface of something. NOUNThere was an inch-long gash just above his right eye.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: talho
  • Chinese: 深长的切口深长長的切口
  • European Spanish: brecha
  • French: entaille
  • German: klaffende Wunde
  • Italian: sfregio
  • Japanese: 深く長い裂け目
  • Korean: 깊은 상처
  • Portuguese: talho
  • Spanish: brecha
  • British English: gash If you gash something, you accidentally make a long and deep cut in it. VERBHe gashed his leg while felling trees.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: talhar
  • Chinese: 切出深长的切口切出深长<TRAD>長</TRAD>的切口長的切口
  • European Spanish: rajar
  • French: taillader
  • German: aufschlitzen
  • Italian: sfregiare
  • Japanese: 深く切りつける
  • Korean: 깊이 베다
  • Portuguese: talhar
  • Spanish: rajar

Example Sentences Including 'gash'

A long gash in the left calf, a hole at the base of the skull where something had embedded itself then fallen loose.
Thomas, Craig The Last Raven
Graham was trying to sit up: his face paler than ever, and streaked with blood from a gash on his temple.
Pritchard, John Night Sisters
Only the gash of the bulldozed Land-Rover track along the north side was intrusive.
Lyall, Francis A Death in Time


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