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gawky  (ˈɡɔːkɪ or gawkish



Word forms:   gawkier,  gawkiest
  1. clumsy or ungainly; awkward
  2. (West Yorkshire, dialect) left-handed

Derived Forms

ˈgawkily, ˈgawkishly  adverb
ˈgawkiness, ˈgawkishness  noun

Example Sentences Including 'gawky'

They were gawky and angled at the best of times, part of their charm.
Richard Francis PROSPECT HILL (2003)
By contrast, Sunny had looked like a gawky teenager, still shadowed by puppy fat, not quite out of the awkward age.
Babson, Marian Death in Fashion
She stood, tall and somewhat gawky , with grey-brown eyes, short brunette hair, and a rather pronounced chin.
Sillitoe, Alan The Open Door


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