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Definitions of gen

gen  (dʒɛn



  1. (informal) information   ⇒ give me the gen on your latest project

Word Origin

C20: from gen( eral information)



suffix forming nouns

  1. producing or that which produces   ⇒ hydrogen
  2. something produced   ⇒ carcinogen

Word Origin

via French -gène, from Greek -genēs born



abbreviation for

  1. General
  2. (Bible) Genesis

Example Sentences Including 'gen'

I want to get as much gen as I can about the American market.
Barnard, Robert Death in Purple Prose
I want gen , tips, I want to know about trends in the market, I want contacts.
Barnard, Robert Death in Purple Prose
His office is in Burnham-on-Crouch and he thinks it's possible that he has the gen on your Channel drilling job.
Terman, Douglas Cormorant


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