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gist  (dʒɪst



  1. the point or substance of an argument, speech, etc
  2. (law) the essential point of an action

Word Origin

C18: from Anglo-French, as in cest action gist en this action consists in, literally: lies in, from Old French gésir to lie, from Latin jacēre, from jacere to throw

Translations for 'gist'

  • British English: gist The gist of a speech, conversation, or piece of writing is its general meaning. NOUNHe related the gist of his conversation to this man.the gist of
  • Brazilian Portuguese: essencial
  • Chinese: 要点要点點
  • European Spanish: lo esencial
  • French: essentiel
  • German: Wesentliche Wesentliches
  • Italian: succo
  • Japanese: 要点
  • Korean: 요지
  • Portuguese: essencial
  • Spanish: lo esencial

Example Sentences Including 'gist'

The gist of what is said; the grist of contention; the kernel of the hard nut of change.
The gist of the message was that Devlin was proceeding to Paris with the intention of meeting with Tanya Voroninova.
Higgins, Jack Confessional
I was put on to Mr Perigord, and I gave him the gist of the story.
Meek, M R D In Remembrance of Rose


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