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gossip (ˈɡɒsɪp Pronunciation for gossip



  1. casual and idle chat   ⇒ to have a gossip with a friend
  2. a conversation involving malicious chatter or rumours about other people   ⇒ a gossip about the neighbours
  3. Also called: gossipmonger. a person who habitually talks about others, esp maliciously
  4. light easy communication   ⇒ to write a letter full of gossip
  5. (archaic) a close woman friend


-sips, -siping, -siped
  1. (intransitive) often foll by about to talk casually or maliciously (about other people)

Derived Forms

ˈgossiper, ˈgossipper noun
ˈgossiping noun, adjective
ˈgossipingly adverb
ˈgossipy adjective

Word Origin

Old English godsibb godparent, from god + sib; the term came to be applied to familiar friends, esp a woman's female friends at the birth of a child, hence a person, esp a woman, fond of light talk


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= idle talk, scandal, hearsay, tittle-tattle, buzz, dirt, goss, jaw, gen, small talk, chitchat, blether, scuttlebutt, chinwag, clishmaclaver, newsmongering
= busybody, babbler, prattler, chatterbox, quidnunc, blether, chatterer, scandalmonger, blatherskite, newsmonger, gossipmonger, tattletale
= chat, chatter, blather, schmooze, jaw, dish the dirt, blether, shoot the breeze, chew the fat or rag, prattle, prate

Quotations including 'gossip'

  • "There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about" [Oscar Wilde
  • "Gossip is a sort of smoke that comes from the dirty tobacco-pipes of those that diffuse it; it proves nothing but the bad taste of the smoker" [George Eliot

gossip1 (ˈɡɒsɪp Pronunciation for gossip1


noun acronym for

  1. gadget-obsessed, status-symbol infatuated professional

Translations for 'gossip'

  • British English: gossipPronunciation for gossip Gossip is informal conversation, often about other people's private affairs.There has been gossip about the reasons for his absence.ˈɡɒsɪp NOUN
  • Arabic: قِيلٌ و قَالPronunciation for قِيلٌ و قَال
  • Brazilian Portuguese: fofocaPronunciation for fofoca
  • Chinese: 闲话Pronunciation for 闲话
  • Croatian: tračPronunciation for trač
  • Czech: drbyPronunciation for drbyřeči
  • Danish: sladderPronunciation for sladder
  • Dutch: roddeltjePronunciation for roddeltje
  • European Spanish: cotilleoPronunciation for cotilleo
  • Finnish: juoruPronunciation for juoru
  • French: ragotPronunciation for ragot
  • German: KlatschPronunciation for Klatsch
  • Greek: κουτσομπολιόPronunciation for κουτσομπολιό
  • Italian: pettegolezzoPronunciation for pettegolezzo
  • Japanese: うわさ話Pronunciation for うわさ話
  • Korean: 가십Pronunciation for 가십
  • Norwegian: sladderPronunciation for sladder
  • Polish: plotkaPronunciation for plotka
  • Portuguese: fofocaPronunciation for fofoca
  • Romanian: bârfă bârfe
  • Russian: сплетняPronunciation for сплетня
  • Spanish: chismePronunciation for chisme
  • Swedish: skvallerPronunciation for skvaller
  • Thai: การนินทาPronunciation for การนินทา
  • Turkish: dedikoduPronunciation for dedikodu
  • Ukrainian: плітки
  • Vietnamese: chuyện phiếmPronunciation for chuyện phiếm
  • British English: gossipPronunciation for gossip If you gossip with someone, you talk informally with them, especially about other people or local events.They sat at the kitchen table gossiping.ˈɡɒsɪp VERB
  • Arabic: يَنْهَمِكُ في القِيلِ والقَالPronunciation for يَنْهَمِكُ في القِيلِ والقَال
  • Brazilian Portuguese: fofocarPronunciation for fofocar
  • Chinese: 说闲话Pronunciation for 说闲话
  • Croatian: tračatiPronunciation for tračati
  • Czech: klábositPronunciation for klábosit poklábosit
  • Danish: sludre medPronunciation for sludre med
  • Dutch: roddelenPronunciation for roddelen
  • European Spanish: cotillearPronunciation for cotillear
  • Finnish: juorutaPronunciation for juoruta
  • French: cancanerPronunciation for cancaner
  • German: schwatzenPronunciation for schwatzen
  • Greek: κουτσομπολεύωPronunciation for κουτσομπολεύω
  • Italian: spettegolarePronunciation for spettegolare
  • Japanese: うわさ話をするPronunciation for うわさ話をする
  • Korean: 수군거리다Pronunciation for 수군거리다
  • Norwegian: sladrePronunciation for sladre
  • Polish: oplotkowaćPronunciation for oplotkować plotkować
  • Portuguese: fofocarPronunciation for fofocar
  • Romanian: a bârfi
  • Russian: сплетничатьPronunciation for сплетничать
  • Spanish: chismorrearPronunciation for chismorrear
  • Swedish: skvallraPronunciation for skvallra
  • Thai: นินทาPronunciation for นินทา
  • Turkish: dedikodu yapmakPronunciation for dedikodu yapmak
  • Ukrainian: пліткувати
  • Vietnamese: buôn chuyệnPronunciation for buôn chuyện

Example Sentences Including 'gossip'

According to the lovely Gloria, I'm a gold-digger who likes having her name linked in the gossip columns with Jett.
Val McDermid DEAD BEAT (2002)
Lady Bresinga, Lord Golden had learned through court gossip , was not in attendance at Buckkeep Castle for the betrothal ceremony.
Robin Hobb THE GOLDEN FOOL: Book Two of the Tawny Man (2002)
We're almost neighbours, so we can impart some of the local gossip to you.


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