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Gotland (ˈɡɒtlənd Pronunciation for Gotland ; Swedish ˈɡɔtlant)  or Gothland (ˈɡɒθlənd Pronunciation for Gothland or Gottland (ˈɡɒtlənd Pronunciation for Gottland



  1. an island in the Baltic Sea, off the SE coast of Sweden: important trading centre since the Bronze Age; long disputed between Sweden and Denmark, finally becoming Swedish in 1645; tourism and agriculture now important. Capital: Visby. Pop: (including associated islands) 57 677 (2004 est). Area: 3140 sq km (1212 sq miles)

Example Sentences Including 'Gotland'

The Swedes broke away from the Union in 1523. In 1659 they annexed the Danish provinces of Halland and Sk?ne and the island of Gotland.
Ben Nimmo IN FORKBEARD'S WAKE: Coasting Round Scandinavia (2003)
Winning the Round Gotland part of the series was a milestone for Blixt.
Yachting Boating World (2004)


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