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gravel  (ˈɡrævəl



  1. an unconsolidated mixture of rock fragments that is coarser than sand
  2. (geology) a mixture of rock fragments with diameters in the range 4–76 mm
  3. (pathology) small rough calculi in the kidneys or bladder


-els -elling -elled, (US) -els -eling -eled (transitive)
  1. to cover with gravel
  2. to confound or confuse
  3. (US, informal) to annoy or disturb

Derived Forms

ˈgravelish  adjective

Word Origin

C13: from Old French gravele, diminutive of grave gravel, perhaps of Celtic origin

Translations for 'gravel'

  • British English: gravel Gravel consists of very small stones....a gravel path.ˈɡrævl NOUN
  • Arabic: حَصىً
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cascalho
  • Chinese: 砂砾
  • Croatian: šljunak
  • Czech: štěrk
  • Danish: grus
  • Dutch: grind
  • European Spanish: gravilla
  • Finnish: sora
  • French: gravier
  • German: Kies
  • Greek: χαλίκι
  • Italian: ghiaia
  • Japanese: 砂利
  • Korean: 자갈
  • Norwegian: grus
  • Polish: żwir
  • Portuguese: cascalho
  • Romanian: pietriș pietrișuri
  • Russian: гравий
  • Spanish: gravilla
  • Swedish: grus
  • Thai: ก้อนกรวด
  • Turkish: çakıl
  • Ukrainian: гравій
  • Vietnamese: sỏi

Example Sentences Including 'gravel'

We came to a pile of gravel in front of a wooden shed which was padlocked.
Robert Wilson A DARKENING STAIN (2002)
My left foot slid sideways on the slippery gravel on the riverbed.
Tapply, William G Follow the Sharks
He stared out at the small square which consisted of grass and four small flowerbeds surrounded by a gravel path.
Ashford, Jeffrey A Question of Principle


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