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gravel (ˈɡrævəl Pronunciation for gravel



  1. an unconsolidated mixture of rock fragments that is coarser than sand
  2. (geology) a mixture of rock fragments with diameters in the range 4–76 mm
  3. (pathology) small rough calculi in the kidneys or bladder


-els, -elling, -elled, (US) -els, -eling, -eled (transitive)
  1. to cover with gravel
  2. to confound or confuse
  3. (US, informal) to annoy or disturb

Derived Forms

ˈgravelish adjective

Word Origin

C13: from Old French gravele, diminutive of grave gravel, perhaps of Celtic origin

Translations for 'gravel'

  • British English: gravelPronunciation for gravel Gravel consists of very small stones....a gravel path.ˈɡrævl NOUN
  • Arabic: حَصىًPronunciation for حَصىً
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cascalhoPronunciation for cascalho
  • Chinese: 砂砾Pronunciation for 砂砾
  • Croatian: šljunakPronunciation for šljunak
  • Czech: štěrkPronunciation for štěrk
  • Danish: grusPronunciation for grus
  • Dutch: grindPronunciation for grind
  • European Spanish: gravillaPronunciation for gravilla
  • Finnish: soraPronunciation for sora
  • French: gravierPronunciation for gravier
  • German: KiesPronunciation for Kies
  • Greek: χαλίκιPronunciation for χαλίκι
  • Italian: ghiaiaPronunciation for ghiaia
  • Japanese: 砂利Pronunciation for 砂利
  • Korean: 자갈Pronunciation for 자갈
  • Norwegian: grusPronunciation for grus
  • Polish: żwirPronunciation for żwir
  • Portuguese: cascalhoPronunciation for cascalho
  • Romanian: pietriș pietrișuri
  • Russian: гравийPronunciation for гравий
  • Spanish: gravillaPronunciation for gravilla
  • Swedish: grusPronunciation for grus
  • Thai: ก้อนกรวดPronunciation for ก้อนกรวด
  • Turkish: çakılPronunciation for çakıl
  • Ukrainian: гравій
  • Vietnamese: sỏiPronunciation for sỏi

Example Sentences Including 'gravel'

Haile himself lives in an unpretentious two-storey house, reached down a gravel road.
Glasgow Herald (2002)
He goes on to become an expert on gravel resources, she the celebrated biographer of Tallis.
Independent (1998)
He stared out at the small square which consisted of grass and four small flowerbeds surrounded by a gravel path.
Ashford, Jeffrey A Question of Principle
Her strangled body was found a few days later next to a gravel road outside town.
canada.com (2004)
My left foot slid sideways on the slippery gravel on the riverbed.
Tapply, William G Follow the Sharks
Paths can be laid to grass or made of gravel , bricks, blocks or paving slabs.
Stickland, Sue Planning the Organic Herb Garden
The river's character, with its broad, lazy meanders, then sudden, surging rushes over beds of gravel , is more African than European.
Country Life (2004)
Was she also interested in potential deposits of gravel that would be needed by pipeline builders?
Globe and Mail (2003)
We came to a pile of gravel in front of a wooden shed which was padlocked.
Robert Wilson A DARKENING STAIN (2002)


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