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groom  (ɡruːm ; ɡrʊm



  1. a person employed to clean and look after horses
  2. See bridegroom
  3. any of various officers of a royal or noble household
  4. (archaic) a male servant or attendant
  5. (archaic, poetic) a young man

verb (transitive)

  1. to make or keep (clothes, appearance, etc) clean and tidy
  2. to rub down, clean, and smarten (a horse, dog, etc)
  3. to train or prepare for a particular task, occupation, etc   ⇒ to groom someone for the Presidency
  4. to win the confidence of (a victim) in order to a commit sexual assault on him or her

Derived Forms

ˈgroomer  noun
ˈgrooming  noun

Word Origin

C13 grom manservant; perhaps related to Old English grōwan to grow


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= stableman, currier (rare), stableboy, hostler or ostler (archaic)
= newly-wed, husband, bridegroom, marriage partner
= brush, clean, tend, rub down, curry
= smarten up, dress, clean, turn out, get up (informal), tidy, preen, spruce up, primp, gussy up (slang) (mainly US)

Translations for 'groom'

  • British English: groom A groom is a man who is getting married....the bride and groom.ɡruːm; ɡrʊm NOUN
  • Arabic: عَريس
  • Brazilian Portuguese: noivo
  • Chinese: 新郎
  • Croatian: mladoženja
  • Czech: ženich
  • Danish: børste
  • Dutch: bruidegom
  • European Spanish: novio
  • Finnish: hevostenhoitaja
  • French: marié
  • German: Stallbursche
  • Greek: ιπποκόμος
  • Italian: sposo
  • Japanese: 馬の飼育係
  • Korean: 말 사육 담당자
  • Norwegian: hestepasser
  • Polish: stajenny
  • Portuguese: noivo
  • Romanian: mire miri
  • Russian: молодожен
  • Spanish: novio
  • Swedish: brudgum
  • Thai: เจ้าบ่าว
  • Turkish: damat
  • Ukrainian: наречений
  • Vietnamese: chú rể
  • British English: groom If you groom an animal, you clean its fur, usually by brushing it. VERBThe horses were exercised and groomed with special care.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tratar
  • Chinese: 梳毛刷洗给 动物
  • European Spanish: cepillar
  • French: panser
  • German: striegeln
  • Italian: strigliare
  • Japanese: 手入れする
  • Korean: 손질하다
  • Portuguese: tratar
  • Spanish: cepillar

Example Sentences Including 'groom'

Yet he is not allowed to help him exercise or groom the horses.
Robin Hobb THE GOLDEN FOOL: Book Two of the Tawny Man (2002)
Hablet suspected it had more to do with the idea of Adrina finally getting married than any affection for the Karien groom.
Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2001)
Fred riding a pony, with a groom leading the tiny child against the backdrop of an enormous house.
Sara MacDonald SEA MUSIC (2003)


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