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grooming (ˈɡruːmɪŋ) 



  1. the things that people do to keep themselves clean and make their hair, face and skin look nice   ⇒ a growing concern for personal grooming   ⇒ He was touched by barbers and manicurists and masseuses so that he fairly shone with grooming.
  2. (zoology) (of animals, esp monkeys) the act of cleaning another's fur, removing parasites, etc
  3. the process of winning the confidence of a victim in order to a commit sexual assault on him or her   ⇒ The Tory leader added: `Internet grooming should be a criminal offence.'   ⇒ The sexual offences bill makes the grooming of a child a criminal offence.

groom (ɡruːm Pronunciation for groom ; ɡrʊm Pronunciation for groom



  1. a person employed to clean and look after horses
  2. See bridegroom
  3. any of various officers of a royal or noble household
  4. (archaic) a male servant or attendant
  5. (archaic, poetic) a young man

verb (transitive)

  1. to make or keep (clothes, appearance, etc) clean and tidy
  2. to rub down, clean, and smarten (a horse, dog, etc)
  3. to train or prepare for a particular task, occupation, etc   ⇒ to groom someone for the Presidency
  4. to win the confidence of (a victim) in order to a commit sexual assault on him or her

Derived Forms

ˈgroomer noun
ˈgrooming noun

Word Origin

C13 grom manservant; perhaps related to Old English grōwan to grow


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= stableman, currier, stableboy, hostler or ostler
= newly-wed, husband, bridegroom, marriage partner
= brush, clean, tend, rub down, curry
= smarten up, dress, clean, turn out, get up, tidy, preen, spruce up, primp, gussy up

Translations for 'grooming'

  • British English: grooming Grooming refers to the things that people do to keep themselves clean and make their face, hair, and skin look nice. NOUN...a growing concern for personal grooming.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cuidado
  • Chinese: 打扮
  • European Spanish: arreglo
  • French: croissant croissante
  • German: Pflege
  • Italian: cura
  • Japanese: 身だしなみ
  • Korean: 외모 가꾸기
  • Portuguese: cuidado
  • Spanish: arreglo

Example Sentences Including 'grooming'

"He was just about to draw the blanket over his face when he saw Mogget, still sunning and grooming himself on the bow.
An impressive Leadership Development Centre in Mysore is the grooming ground for future leaders.
Business Today (2002)
For one thing, Kate preferred to work as a loner, cultivating her own personal contacts, shielding her informers, grooming her spokesmen.
Parkes, Roger Riot
Learning about the real conditions in which people lived was an important part of this ` grooming ' process.
Jonathan Gregson BLOOD AGAINST THE SNOWS: The Tragic Story of Nepal's Royal Dynasty (2002)
Male grooming is a bit alien to someone like me, who thinks a spa is something that happens in a boxing ring.
Courier, Sunday Mail (2004)
Police are to monitor conversations on internet chat rooms in a bid to prevent paedophiles from grooming victims on the web.
Liverpool Daily Post and Echo (2004)
The case rekindled concerns about so-called " grooming " by adults, who contact children via the internet.
New Zealand Herald (2003)
The marmalade cat was grooming itself on the Gordons ' doorstep, submitting first one and then the other back leg to careful inspection.
Moore, Margaret Forests of the Night


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