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Gulag  (ˈɡuːlæɡ



  1. (formerly) the central administrative department of the Soviet security service, established in 1930, responsible for maintaining prisons and forced labour camps
  2. (not capital) any system used to silence dissents

Word Origin

C20: from Russian G( lavnoye) U( pravleniye Ispravitelno-Trudovykh) Lag( erei) Main Administration for Corrective Labour Camps

Example Sentences Including 'Gulag'

It is as if Stalin, Beria, the Gulag , the Wall, indestructible Gromyko, never existed.
Forbes, Bryan The Endless Game
All this she had ignored, just as she had ignored the realities of the state trials of the Gulag.
Higgins, Jack Confessional
That's what they want to know in the psychiatric hospitals and the prison camps of the Gulag.
Brierley, David Snowline


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