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Definitions of gun

gun (ɡʌn



    1. a weapon with a metallic tube or barrel from which a missile is discharged, usually by force of an explosion. It may be portable or mounted. In a military context the term applies specifically to a flat-trajectory artillery piece
    2. (as modifier)   ⇒  ■ a gun barrel
  1. the firing of a gun as a salute or signal, as in military ceremonial
  2. a member of or a place in a shooting party or syndicate
  3. any device used to project something under pressure   ⇒  ■ a grease gun,   ⇒  ■ a spray gun
  4. (US, slang) an armed criminal; gunman
  5. (Australian & and New Zealand, slang)
    1. an expert
    2. (as modifier)   ⇒  ■ a gun shearer,   ⇒  ■ a gun batsman
  6. See go great guns

  7. See jump the gun

  8. See spike someone's guns

  9. See stick to one's guns



Word forms:   guns,  gunning or ,  gunned
  1. when tr, often foll by down to shoot (someone) with a gun
  2. (transitive) to press hard on the accelerator of (an engine)   ⇒  ■ to gun the engine of a car
  3. (intransitive) to hunt with a gun

Word Origin

C14: probably from a female pet name shortened from the Scandinavian name Gunnhildr (from Old Norse gunnr war + hildr war)


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= firearm, shooter (slang), piece (slang), rod (slang), heater (US) (slang), handgun

Quotations including 'gun'

  • "They hesitateWe hesitate.They have a gun.We have no gun" [D.H. Lawrence
  • "God, Guts, and Guns made America Great" [U.S.bumper sticker]

gin2 (dʒɪn



  1. a primitive engine in which a vertical shaft is turned by horses driving a horizontal beam or yoke in a circle
  2. Also called: : cotton gin a machine of this type used for separating seeds from raw cotton
  3. a trap for catching small mammals, consisting of a noose of thin strong wire
  4. a hand-operated hoist that consists of a drum winder turned by a crank



Word forms:   gins,  ginning or ,  ginned
  1. to free (cotton) of seeds with a gin
  2. to trap or snare (game) with a gin

Derived Forms

ˈginner  noun

Word Origin

C13 gyn, shortened from engine

gin3 (ɡɪn



Word forms:   gins,  ginning,  gan or ,  gun
  1. an archaic word for begin

Translations for 'gun'

  • British English: gun A gun is a weapon from which bullets or pellets are fired.He pointed the gun at officers as they chased him.ɡʌn NOUN
  • Arabic: بُنْدُقِيَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: arma de fogo
  • Chinese:
  • Croatian: pištolj
  • Czech: zbraňstřelná
  • Danish: skydevåben
  • Dutch: geweer
  • European Spanish: pistola
  • Finnish: ase
  • French: fusil
  • German: Gewehr
  • Greek: όπλο
  • Italian: arma da fuoco
  • Japanese:
  • Korean:
  • Norwegian: gevær
  • Polish: broń
  • Portuguese: arma de fogo
  • Romanian: armă arme
  • Russian: огнестрельное оружие
  • Spanish: pistola
  • Swedish: pistol
  • Thai: ปืน
  • Turkish: silah
  • Ukrainian: пістолет
  • Vietnamese: súng

Example Sentences Including 'gun'

He had then driven to Estoril where there had been a disagreement, resulting in Wilshere shooting him with a gun probably kept in the safe.
Orsini was still firing, the barrel of the submachine gun braced against the side of the wheelhouse.
Jack Higgins THE KEYS OF HELL (2002)
Chavasse was aware of Orsini kneeling beside him, of Liri throwing the gun far out to sea.
Jack Higgins THE KEYS OF HELL (2002)


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