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hagiolatry (ˌhæɡɪˈɒlətrɪ Pronunciation for hagiolatry



  1. worship or veneration of saints

Derived Forms

ˌhagiˈolater noun
ˌhagiˈolatrous adjective

Example Sentences Including 'hagiolatry'

') This somewhat immodest traditional Scottish toast is not confined to the annual festivals of haggis and hagiolatry of the National Bard.
Stewart Lamont WHEN SCOTLAND RULED THE WORLD: The Story of the Golden Age of Genius, Creativity and Exploration (2002)
It is more in the nature of hagiolatry -- a veneration of saints.
Samachar (2004)
Not that they are averse to the dafter hagiolatry that pertains to the Boys in Blue.
Glasgow Herald (2002)


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