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hangover  (ˈhæŋˌəʊvə



  1. the delayed aftereffects of drinking too much alcohol in a relatively short period of time, characterized by headache and sometimes nausea and dizziness
  2. a person or thing left over from or influenced by a past age


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= aftereffects, morning after (informal), head (informal), crapulence
= legacy, inheritance, throwback, tradition

Translations for 'hangover'

  • British English: hangover A hangover is a headache and feeling of sickness that you have after drinking too much alcohol.He drank too much and had a massive hangover.ˈhæŋˌəʊvə NOUN
  • Arabic: خُمَار
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ressaca
  • Chinese: 宿醉
  • Croatian: mamurluk
  • Czech: kocovina
  • Danish: tømmermænd
  • Dutch: kater
  • European Spanish: resaca
  • Finnish: krapula
  • French: gueule de bois
  • German: Kater KaterAlkohol
  • Greek: ζαλάδα μετά από μέθη
  • Italian: postumi della sbronza
  • Japanese: 二日酔い
  • Korean: 숙취
  • Norwegian: bakrus
  • Polish: kac
  • Portuguese: ressaca
  • Romanian: mahmureală mahmureli
  • Russian: похмелье
  • Spanish: resaca
  • Swedish: bakfylla
  • Thai: การเมาค้าง
  • Turkish: akşamdan kalma
  • Ukrainian: похмілля
  • Vietnamese: sự khó chịu sau khi uống rượu

Example Sentences Including 'hangover'

The adrenaline seemed to have mopped up all the whisky and I felt a hangover doing press-ups in my head.
But Senlis was not sleeping off his hangover as dead to the world as she supposed.
Hilton, John Buxton Displaced Person
Mark's going to learn tomorrow that a champagne hangover is the worst kind.
Gaskin, Catherine The Ambassador's Women


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