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hanker (ˈhæŋkə Pronunciation for hanker



  1. foll by for, after, or an infinitive to have a yearning (for something or to do something)

Derived Forms

ˈhankerer noun
ˈhankering noun

Word Origin

C17: probably from Dutch dialect hankeren

Example Sentences Including 'hanker'

Beyond that and I begin to hanker after the happy sounds of human life.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
But he did not hanker for some obscure posting, which was how the ladder was climbed.
Gaskin, Catherine The Ambassador's Women
EVEN smart, successful, ballsy, together people with perfect lives sometimes hanker after love.
Courier, Sunday Mail (2004)
Even among open-minded sceptics who hanker for rational, verifiable explanations, some experiences have left them puzzled.
New Scientist (1998)
In this new environment, I asked, didn't he ever hanker for the old job?
Glasgow Herald (2001)
Or was she destined to always hanker for what she couldn't have?
Cathy Kelly JUST BETWEEN US (2002)
The Virgo Moon will often hanker for a state of purity, regardless of how inaccessible it may be.
When her prices please me, when I find her service courteous, when I hanker for her familiar product, then I love her with all my heart.
Reeves, Robert Doubting Thomas
You suddenly hanker for a quiet restaurant and crave the wilderness of the Basque countryside only a few kilometres away.
Misc (1999)


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