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heckle  (ˈhɛkəl



  1. to interrupt (a public speaker, performer, etc) by comments, questions, or taunts
  2. Also: hackle, hatchel (transitive) to comb (hemp or flax)


  1. an instrument for combing flax or hemp

Derived Forms

ˈheckler  noun

Word Origin

C15: Northern and East Anglian form of hackle


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= jeer, interrupt, shout down, disrupt, bait, barrack (informal), boo, taunt, pester

Translations for 'heckle'

  • British English: heckle If people in an audience heckle public speakers or performers, they interrupt them, for example by making rude remarks. VERBThey heckled him and interrupted his address with angry questions.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: apartear
  • Chinese: 对…起哄对對…起哄鬨
  • European Spanish: interrumpir
  • French: chahuter
  • German: durch Zwischenrufe stören
  • Italian: impedire di parlare aun oratore
  • Japanese: 妨害する
  • Korean: 야유하다
  • Portuguese: importunar
  • Spanish: interrumpir


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